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  1. It doesn't work for the internal phone memory as well. Not just the external sd card.
  2. Thanks RomanZ for your reply. I have sent out the logs. I don't believe its due to the file system limitation on my android devices as i have copied files > 4gb to it with no issue.
  3. This is my setup. 1 Windows 1 OSX ( 2 Andriod device -- 4.4 with 8gb free space ( -- 4.3 with 37gb free space on external sd (exFat) ( I am trying to sync a folder with 1x 700mb movie 1x 5.45 gb movie misc subtitles. syncing is fine for the entire folder between windows and osx the andriod devices only downloads the 700mb movie and subtitles. the 5.45 gb file is not downloaded all devices has the 2 arrow sign. on my osx and windows status, it shows up sign 5.4gb for my 2 andriod devices. The file appears in my transfer window but it disappear