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  1. Currently I have a number of machines that BT sync to upload changes of documents to a central server. However once a change has been made to a folder that change is sync'd to the server fine. However the change is now deleted from the original client that made the change. If I look in the Sync Archive on the server I find the files but it is like they have been stripped of the clients. Any ideas. Cheers Mongo
  2. Dear Mr RomanZ The issue has now just stopped. I have checked the users phones and all are now have auto start ticked after the power is cycled. The fact that they are now all working instead of failing makes fault finding very hard. Thank you for your help.
  3. The version of Android is 3.0.31 Ice Cream Sandwich. The tick box is clicked and then application is closed. When the phone restarts then the option is no longer ticked. Cheers
  4. Yeah all the settings save nicely except for the one to start the application automatically :-(
  5. I have one user of this software whose client on their Android Phone will not keep Auto Start ticked. Is this a known error. Cheers