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  1. Hmm - tried an older version ( And now getting connection closed issues (similar to Doesn't seem to want to work on my Pi Shame, had it working a few months back Oh, before I switched I increased the number of open files but once it hit 20k I thought it was getting rather silly.
  2. I'm getting the same symptoms as Stugs - RW to RO was fine, adding a second RO and just getting errors, it won't sync up at all
  3. I was just about to start a thread about this (as I hadn't had much luck finding any solutions) - am getting the same issue with Ubuntu (on a Raspberry PI) with this version but am not having the issues with the same folder on a number of different OSs with different BT Sync versions Centos - 1.1.82 FreeBSD - 1.2.82 Was thinking it was a problem with the ARM version or the lack of processing power with the PI but seems more generic