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  1. Hi th3bar0n: yes, the support (I think it was denis4inet - see comment above) helped to find the problem and said they will fix it. What happened? I had some files which had a wrong encoding. At some stage I renamed those files on a linux machine and this was the problem. This is how I understood the problem: since the encoding was wrong the old entries in the database were not deleted. But the new entries were added. Thus there were entries for not existing files. What I did to get it fixed: I deleted the whole directory from btsync and added it with a new key. Thus the db was recreated. I did this for all other devices. Btsync still recognized identical files. A complete resync between the devices was not necessary. As I said above I had more than 100G shared on 3 devices. A complete resync would have been annoying but was not necessary. Regards and Good Luck sebneu
  2. Sometimes it is too obvious...Thank you. The ticket number is 9410. Regards sebneu
  3. Sorry but I am not allowed to send private messages and where can I find the feed back form?
  4. Hi denis4inet thank you for willing to help. Is there any way I can send you the logs without making them readable to the public? Regards sebneu
  5. Hi everyone I have 3 clients sharing the same Folder: 2 linux clients and one windows cilent. While the two linux clients sync perfectly the windows client does not sync anymore. I started the debugging on the windows client and see that the syncing stops with the an error. [2014-04-06 17:19:43] Merge: Local file FILE1 older (1396202843) than remote (1396209046)[2014-04-06 17:19:43] Merge: Local file FOLDER1 is older (1396202650) than remote (1396796413)[2014-04-06 17:19:43] Merge: Local file FOLDER2 is older (1396205645) than remote (1396209465)[2014-04-06 17:19:43] Merge: Local file FILE2 is older (1396202647) than remote (1396796413)[2014-04-06 17:19:43] Merge: failed to verify group signature of files message, aborting[2014-04-06 17:19:43] State sync finished for folder \\?\D:\sync Any idea how I can find the error? Some of the files listed above do not exist on any of the folders above? Is there a corrupt file on the linux folder or in the databases? I updated all clients to 1.3.80 but the error persists. Any help is appreciated. Regards sebneu