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  1. I have today also set up a Windows-pc, to sync from the same folder in read-only mode. After copying half the content on the server, Windows-mediaplayer can't find a single mp3 or wma track with faulty unknown TAG's. All files seem playable. I have separately downloaded the same files on my android using "file manager" over wifi. All these files display correctly in VLC and Kodi, which I run as mediaplayers on my android device. All these trials indicates that the actual cause is the android-bittorrent-sync software, that makes the mp3 and wma files corrupt, but itself believes everything is ok.
  2. I just did the same thing on my Sony xperia device, and the same problem occured. I.e., it's probably not an issue related tom my LG G4 device.
  3. Hi, I have setup a read-sync folder on my android, with selective-sync. I have a library of audiobooks, where each folder contains 100-200 wma or mp3 files. When I sync a folder, all audio-book files are downloaded. Bittorrent-sync states that all files are successfully downloaded. When I view the files in an android explorer, size of file looks ok. But when I try to play in VLC, not all files are playable. When i download 100 files, generally 5-10 files are corrupt. I.e. media player cannot read audio-tag information, or play the file. When I "clear" the corrupt files in bittorrent-sync and re-download them, they are usually ok to play again. I.e. I am confident that files are ok on server, but become corrupt on my Android device while downloading. Why does Bittorrent sync think files are ok? When they actually are not? Is this the root-cause Android platform? Is the root-cause an WMA or mp3 issue? May I encounter the same phenomena on other files as jpg when syncing between NAS-Windows application. I am worried for my picture backups too. I have updated to the latest 2.3.7 version on all server, and downloaded latest android, which is 2.3.5.