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  1. Hi, i'm running Synology DS212j. I have roughly 600GB Data and tryed BT-Sync with an Read Only Secret to backup on the fly to two offsite backups. I don't have any problems with smaller folders but when I add the whole main folder my BT-Sync stops indexing at 37628 files or 27,4 GB. Does have BT-Sync problems with bigger folders? Best regards, Frell P.S.: If this belongs in the troubleshooting department, plz move the thread. I wasn't sure if I should post it in troubleshooting or NAS
  2. Hello, it looks like the feature request section on the main page is only the normal BT program. So I gonna post this idea here: I would like to propose an addition of a backup mode. This mode would enable you to make (offsite) backups to multible machines. You should be able to define a master instance who will always define which data should be pushed into the cloud and backup instances who will always have the copy of the master instance. This solution would work within your local network and to remote locations. If you have multible offsite backup locations this solution would help you to save bandwith and speed up the distribution of your backup. It should also be implemented a time schedule for the backups (for example the master instances always starts seeding the new version of the backup at 01.00 am. In the long run a build in encrypted mode could be implemented in which the backup instances would save the backup in an encrypted container. This would be useful if you would have remote backups for example on a NAS of a friend. The goal is to enable more people to use decentralized remote backups, to make the process of configuring remote backups much easier and make remote backups to multible machines much faster. I'm open for feedback and let me know what you think.