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  1. Hi. I also subscribe to the compression of traffic. In our project, the data is compressed greatly. At the moment, very expensive to send traffic without compression.I'll hope that this feature will be implemented.
  2. RomanZ you planned introduction of the possibility of compression blocks of data in the transmission?
  3. RomanZ, Hi.I transmission large size of data. These data are very well compressed. Are you going to enter the compression on the fly?
  4. RomanZ, Hi. I watch the program crash when zpuske synchronization via http Attached is the error dump. 16973918-sync.2f78.dmp 16973918-sync.7a24.dmp 16973918-sync.9935.dmp 16973918-sync.a005.dmp
  5. I had a Problem. There is a folder created with the command - "mklink" Starting with version 1.3 can not create a task synchronization for this folder. Get an error - not enough permissions to write. In version 1.28 and 1.29 of this no problem.