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  1. I tested the new version, and I clearly prefere the old interface ... This is too "dump user". I prefere the logic of the old interface ...
  2. I found the biggest bug possible : I hope the installation can be done from others web-browsers (like opera, chrome, ff, ...). I will wait until the update with my actual client anyway ^^
  3. Of course sync between work (workstation and personal server) and home. I'am planning using it for job distribution between home make cluster (data generation, and instant backup). more than 5 To planned ^^
  4. ~ 400 Go now, planning much more work like a charm
  5. With great pleasure BTSync is AAAWWWWSOOOOOMMMEEE !!
  6. Perso, je vois la différence entre hors-ligne et en ligne. ça fait aussi une différence sur la facture électrique à la fin du mois ... Simplement plus rapide que moi ^^ Merci
  7. Hello, Thank's for this version ^^ I think I have discovered an translation error in french in the notification : Translation : the syncronisation with OFFLINE devices terminated A correct translation could be "Current a terminé la synchronisation" EDIT: Windows 7, 64bit ^^