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  1. I've installed the 2.0.125 package on my TS-219P. Clicking on the "add folder" button opens an empty dialogue box where there are no folder listed. I can't enter a path "manually" either.
  2. Hi, Thanks a lot for the email support. The problem indeed came from the the folder's permissions that where not set properly. As soon as I had tweaked the permissions the syncing resumed. I added/removed some files on one or the other machine and the syncing was done accordingly. All seems to be fine. I have been using the app for about a year now and the progress is impressive. Keep on the good work!
  3. I'm syncing a 70 GB folder between 2 machines. Only 3 GB are taken in account by BitTorrent Sync. On the same 2 machines a 22 GB folder is perfectly synced. iMac: 10.9.2 MacAir: 10.9.2 BT Sync: 1.3.86 Logs are being send. Thank you for help