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  1. My bad, here you go: log from raspberry pi: Thanks in advice
  2. I've checked the NTP settings on all machines. The time is exact. So here is the sync.log.old of the latest relevant timespan. This time my desktop didn't upload all updated files to the pi (e.g. it successfully synced config.tex, but not arbeit.tex). Since I didn't find a way to attach the whole log of 2.2MB, I uploaded it to my old dropbox account (which I have already replaced with btsync).
  3. In my case all "clients" logged in to my btsync network with several hours of timedistance. Strange that some of my files (of the same type in the same folder) were updated correctly, and some didn't. It even doesn't matter if both computers are in the same (LA-)network or not.
  4. Hi, I'm using btsync (1.3.67) on several computers. My "main-sync" system is a raspberry pi (with raspbian) with external hdd. The other computers (all manajro/arch linux) are mainly online one at a time. I just use sync to syncronize data, not for collaborative work. The sync folder contains about 800 MB in 2500 files, mostly plaintext documents. Mostly it works perfect. But sometimes my laptop won't load all new files. Instead of that it overrides new versions (on the pi) with old ones. I have to constantly check after every reboot if anything have gone wrong and then copy the newer ver