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  1. In my situation I have a fileserver with a single hidden "master" folder with all my media in, I then have a custom setup to map these files into different categorised folders on a public folder elsewhere on the disk For example + .media (hidden)----+ music + artist 1 + artist 2 + artist 3+ media----+ playlists--------+ rock + artist 1 + artist 3--------+ other + artist 1 song 1 + artist 2It allows me to reference the same file in multiple different locations without having to physically copy the file (I have a much more complicated structure than the one mentioned above which allows me to group alphabetically/genre etc etc) So my idea scenario would I would sync a 'playlist' folder with my phone and it would sync the end files of the symlink so my phone always has the most up-to date copy of the folder. I'm by no means an expert with unix systems so I wouldn't be able to comment on specific work arounds or functionality, but thats how I (as a layman) would expect it to work (sorry for such a late reply, follow topic was turned off by default)
  2. Has this feature been abandoned? Could really be useful, I pretty much rely completely on symlinks