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  1. As much as I like the GUI application and the work that has been done I'm thinking of going to the webbased version so that I can have 2.0 working on my linux systems. Can someone explain how to uninstall the gui package and reinstall the webbased version? Thanks, Wayne
  2. I've been using bittorrent sync for about a year now and I'm pretty sure that I've upgraded versions in the past but I can't figure out how to do it this time. When I open my web UI it gives me a message that there is a new version. I download and follow the step,i.e. run ./btsync but this does not upgrade my current version. Any thoughts? thanks, Wayne
  3. I'm using sync 1.4 on linux systems. It works very well except on one box. This particular box has just rebuilt with a fresh in stall of linux and bittorrent sync and we are having the same problem. I'm trying to have a number of systems sync to a common directory on a server (since the server is up 24/7). 2 of the 3 systems work flawlessly moving back an forth the few files that have changed. But one of the system takes many minutes (as many as 30) to sync up even though there are just a handfull of files that have changed. While the sync is happening bittorrent sync says "out of sync" indexing. When I check the peer list - it shows that there are 5.5 gigs in 4979 files. But only a few files representing a few hundred megs have changed. Is there some special configuration that I should be implementing to create this centralized cloud environment? Thanks, Wayne
  4. I've got the same problem where Btsync is asking for a user name and password. I'm on ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I've tried the following: Unistalled bysync, deleted ./btsync directory ReintalledI also tried recreating the .conf file and tried to restart btsync expecting the system to allow me to recreate the credentials but no dice. Looking forward to any help. Thanks
  5. I've got a Xfce installation for Mythbuntu. I installed bittorrent sync gui as I have on other ubuntu systems but I cannot get the gui to come up. There is a menu selection but clicking on it does not start the gui... any ideas? Thanks, wayne
  6. Okay... I successfully in stall the GUI app and found it. But I'm having the same problem as d3rdon, i.e., the transfer and history windows say that "Cannot implement due to missing API". Thanks, Wayne
  7. I successfully in stalled btsync-gui on ubuntu 12.04 but I cannot access the interface. I have two bitsync icon in my launcher now, BitTorrent Sync and BitTorrent Sync Management. The latter (management) launches the web interface, the former does not launch anything.... Just to be clear; I'm looking to install the Window's style user interface. Thanks for any help
  8. Thanks for the note. I'm using sync over the internet successfully. Here's what I don't understand. Server side: I installed Sync on a server behind a firewall. Created a directory on the server and created a Secret and emailed it to myself. Client side (somewhere on the internet): Installed BitSync, opened my email and pasted the Secret code created on the server and chose a directory to sync and it started working. Question: How does the client side know how to find the server solely from the Secret code? Thanks, Wayne
  9. I would seem that the secret phrases must be created and stored on a bitorrent server? is this correct? Thanks Wayne