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  1. Here's my story, and why I decided to spend time writing such an elaborate post. I work as a creative Business Consultant. And by "creative", I mean a Business Consultant whose work differs alot from that of most Business Consultants - many of whom you've likely already met (in particular if you work in a large organization) during one or more of your projects. Allow me to explain: I am indeed what you would call a "regular Business Consultant", and I travel alot all over the world. More specifically, I work professionally within the discipline of Enterprise Architecture whereas my personal specialty lies within the area of Process Architecture. The reason I use the term "creative", is because I am also a graphics designer. This is a competency I have acquired long before I got to become a Business Consultant. And being a good graphics designer as well as being proficient in Enterprise Architecture (and all the other disciplines it involves) allows me to create very persuasive graphics of "how things work", "when are they used, for what purpose", "who uses them", "in what context are they used", etc. In essence, you could say that, instead of killing CEO's with ridiculously cumbersome and boring elevator pitches... I draw them pictures! And that's where Bittorrent Sync enters the fray! Because damn! I have just fallen in love. It is one of the few software products that I would actually buy, should the developers decide to charge payment. Here's the technicalities: Like I said earlier, I travel alot. And sometimes I don't. An example; 2 weeks ago, I just got home from another country, and when I get home, alot of my files in "specific folders" on my workstation were outdated. Because I; 1) created new files when I was in another country. 2) I have updated and modified existing files while in another country. 3) I have deleted files that I deemed was no longer necessary to keep and/or protect. And being able to synchronize so easily, the contents of a folder from one device to another, is really fucking epic to people like me! But it's not just the ability to synchronize! It's about to synchronize files across devices WITHOUT having to worry about the safety of your data! "Heartbleed" is a great example. First thing I did when one of my really tech-savvy friends told me about it was to launch unto Dropbox and change my password. That's the real problem with the cloud. Your data security is only as strong as the infrastructure protecting it, ie. "heartbleed" was a data breach. You cannot breach the security of Bittorrent Sync unless you do it live and in real-time. PS: Pardon my english. We danish people are very liberal, I apologize if it offends anyone! PPS: Sorry for this wall of text. But perhaps someone can take away some nuggest of knowledge and/ord wisdom from this. Take care all!