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  1. Sorry it took so long to respond,, that did work, thank you.
  2. I setup Sync Backup folder The synch worked the first time, so I deleted the pic's from the Backup folder on my PC Now synch is stuck in Backup Status: Syncing and will not download the files again I had to disable the backup and re-enable it They then downloaded again.... There needs to be a check on refresh that files need to be updated if they are deleted or changed I did another test, and deleted a file from the Camera Roll on the Phone (WP8) Went back to sync backup and hit the refresh, but it didn't do anything Still shows 14 files and will not re-sync. Start and stop it on the phone,, same issue. The service is not rechecking properly that the Camer Roll has updated and needs resynched. I backed out of the app completely till it asked to shutdown, and selected yes When I went back in the folder synched, and the file I deleted did go into the Archive as expected. So, when the app is running, it is not re-polling/checking that anything has changed and it does not appear the Refresh button is working at this time. Love the App and server, Want this to work with everything, including Office Docs, Videos, RAW Images, and whatever else is possible. Keep up the great work on this, please do not abandon WP, it is only getting better and better Wait for App unification and Cross App Authentication (I hope that is where we are heading). Thanks.