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  1. Hello, Why is it that, all of a sudden, do I see the above message, "Delete from all synced devices", appear next to the Bittorrent Sync icon in my Windows tray?. When I click on the message, naturally the client is pulled up but I get messages indicating that a script is taking too long to run (why this 'HTML'-based client rplaced the more native one in the latest release is anyone's guess - maybe it makes the code base more homogenous). The client, in this latest case, then crashes. This has happened twice. The first time, the client did not crash, but instead seemed to be about to do
  2. OK, thanks. Is there any way to see the progress of indexing using ssh?
  3. In addition, on MyBook Live, when I look at the CPU usage for btsync, it's < 10%. As I've disabled every other service (Twonky, Media Crawler, Apache) so the entire CPU can now be dedicated to btsync for indexing, what gives? P. S. How do I edit the subject line of this topic to include 'indexing' and 'seeding'?
  4. Hello, So I set up all my syncs in Windows (3 different directories, one of which has over 200,000 files in it and is approx 330GB). After everything was done, I was left with three .db files in... C:\Users\{some user}\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync I copied the same Windows directories to MyBook Live which was mounted as a drive in Windows. The idea being to 'seed' the initial sync. I took the above mentioned .db files (one for each sync'ed directory) and put them the the .sync directory on MyBook Live. Before doing that, I updated the .db files using the Firefox SqlLite plug-in (bas
  5. Hello, The above IP belongs to QuadraNet that appears to be a hosting company. What I would like to know is how is this IP able connect to my MyBook Live which is running btsync when I have put no holes in my firewall to allow such connections? In my sync.log, am seeing a lot of this... [20140412 16:59:13.274] Incoming connection from [20140412 16:59:13.274] Incoming connection from [20140412 16:59:13.322] Incoming connection from [20140412 16:59:13.322] Incoming connection from [20140412 16:59:13.567] Incomi