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  1. Yes to selective sync. Something like: Files and folders with matching patterns are excluded from sync. *.bak *.thumbnails /backup/*.*
  2. Have u tried this?
  3. Do you mean the '/Android/data/com.bittorrent.sync' folder or other folders on the Ext SD card?
  4. My S4 is definitely not rooted. I'm fine so far without root. I've confirmed this using root checker. What I (ultimately) want to do is, sync my photos & raw files between a folder in my PC with my device, and using RawDroid to rate & tag these photos. Based on KitKat's limitation, this is impossible since both BTSync & RawDroid can only write in their own 'allowed' folders on the ExtSD. However, what I can do is transfer these .CR2, .JPG & .XMP files (and folders) between BTSync & RawDroid 'allowed' folders using ES File Explorer. How is that possible since ES is also subject for the same limitations?
  5. Hi.. Do you know how app like ES File Explorer can create/delete/rename/copy/paste files in any folder on the ExtSD? I'm using Galaxy S4; 4.4.2; unrooted. I can cut & paste files from "/Android/data/com.bittorrent.sync" to another "/Android/data/xxxxxxxxx" folder.