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  1. Same problem on ubuntu 14.04.1.. I have few instances but on one where a store encrypted backups I can not sync after restart.. Data are on drive (~50GB in 3 e-keys) but in web gui showing 0.. after pause and unpause it jumps aroud 100MB but after while it is 0 again..
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    Sync API wishlist

    Hello, First of all I'm for REST API.. and little change about identifying folders.. Now it is by secret (with no possibility put same and different type (RO) secret to different folder (now have to convert RW to RO and have everything in 2 folder .../.tmp/RO_SECER but i want to separate it for users to home folders and don't mix downloaded files and sizes)) i know it is common to use it like this but what about this: - GET: http://btsync:8888/rest/"shareds"/ -> [{id: auto_increment, secret: 'XYZ', folder: '/fome/whoami/xyz', ...}, {..}, {}] - POST: http://btsync:8888/rest/"shareds"/ (option for create folder) DATA: {secret: 'XYZ', folder: '/fome/whoami/xyz', ...} -> {id: 1, secret: 'XYZ', folder: '/fome/whoami/xyz', ...} - GET: http://btsync:8888/rest/"shareds"/1/ (also PUT and DELETE) -> {id: 1, secret: 'XYZ', folder: '/fome/whoami/xyz', ...} - GET: http://btsync:8888/rest/"shareds"/"1"/files/"path" OR ?path="path" (priority on inUrl) -> [{name: 'FOO', size: null, download: 0, ...}, {..}, {}] - ... Next think, will be nice to have option "keep" for selective sync file with possibility to automatically delete file after download=0 (now I'm creating thumbnails and when i download and convert file for sync explorer it make some sync mess when i delete it by app) Of course will be good to have option to use SSL and be able to chose certs in config file