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  1. Thanks @Helen : ticket #41739 created Have a good day !
  2. Hi @Roman Z Thanks for your feedback. I have several RO folders synced : - Folder 1 : 160 GB, 25 000 files - Folder 2 : 30GB, 16 000 files - Folder 3 : 13GB, 800 files - Folder 4 : 22GB, 4 000 files What kind of information can I provide to Support team if you this this is not normal to have this sort of behaviour ? Thanks !
  3. Hello @Roman Z I've probably the same issue than @VDub currently with a Raspberry Pi B (the first one). I'm running Sync 2.3.5 (latest at the moment). I'm indexing several important folders stored on a 3.5 USB drive (with external power supply). Pi CPU usage is important for the btsync program (80%), and it's the same for the Mem usage. The Btsync app crash after approx 1h. No other apps are running on this Pi. Kern.log contains : kernel: [1876371.227781] Out of memory: Kill process 30420 (btsync) score 818 or sacrifice child kernel: [1876371.227805] Killed process 30420 (btsync) total-vm:570284kB, anon-rss:385016kB, file-rss:504kB Do you know if the performances are really different with btsync and the new Pi3 ? Thanks !
  4. Thanks Wweich ; I've got my answer, that's not a good news for me !
  5. Thanks SenorLoco, it's works for me too ! Stored on /Users/<me>/Library/Application Support/BitTorrent Sync/License/189xxx, v2.0.93 / Mac
  6. Drego85> Thanks for your reply. In my opinion, Bittorent Sync is better without Web Interfa ce (in my case). I'm using a Raspberry Pi that is indexing a shared folder stored on a NAS (mounted with NFS protocol). I know this solution is not technically perfect but it worked finewith with BTSync 1.4 (without web interface).
  7. Hi All I've a couple of workstations running Bittorent Sync 2.0 (Mac, Windows, etc) with web interface. But I've a Linux server running at the moment Bittorent Sync 1.4 with config file (without web interface). Can I use Bittorent Sync 2.0 with a confg file too ? How can I generate a 2.0 secret key with command line ? BitTorrent Sync 2.0.93 Usage: btsync [ options ... ] Options: --nodaemon Do not daemonize --dump-sample-config Print a sample configuration file --log <file> Set log file --webui.listen <IP>:<port> Set the webui listening interface --generate-secret Generate a read/write key --get-ro-secret <r/w key> Get the read-only key associated to a read/write key --help Print this message --config <path> Use a configuration file So, ./btsync --generate-secret -> 1.4 key beginning with A3T7 ... How can I share a 2.0 folder from my Windows/Mac worskstation to read only mode on my Linux server (with config file) ? Thanks for your help !
  8. Hi, How can I activate "Overwrite any changed files" using config file on a BTSync node without web GUI? I'm trying to resolve some Out of sync issue between several nodes. Thanks a lot!
  9. RomanZ> i've sent support request with debug logs about my behavior with Raspberry. Request #9751. It's not working since i've updated my btsync to 1.3.77, then 1.3.87, then 1.3.93 ... i've downgraded to 1.2.92 and it's working fine now Thanks for your help
  10. It's approximately the same here with BTSync 1.3.x and later. Now it's working fine with this setup : - 1 MacOS 10.7.4 / 1.3.86 with a couple of R/W sync local folder (30 000 files) - 1 MacOS 10.7.4 / 1.3.86 with a couple of R/W sync local folder (15 000 files) - 1 Windows XP SP3 / 1.3.8x with one R:W sync local folder (10 000 files) - 1 Debian 7 x64 - OVH K2G / 1.3.86 with a couple of R/O sync folder (stored on EXT4 internal storage) - 1 Raspberry (Raspbian up to date) 1.2.92 with a few R/O sync folder (stored on NFS share) - 1 Raspberry (Raspbian up to date) 1.2.92 with a few R/O sync folder (stored on EXT4 USB disk) Each time I updated my Raspi from 1.2.9x to 1.3.x it never synced anymore, sometimes waiting approx one week to be sure it's not a performance limitation with Raspi ... but no. I've downgraded to 1.2.92 and it's working fine again. Thanks a lot for your product, it's really good and i'm pretty sure that it's goind to be perfect in a few month !