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  1. Hello, Having upgraded BTSync to the newest version, BTSync on my Synology now works OK. I have one folder synced between Synology1812+ and a Windows7 PC. When I rename a file in windows... the change is almost immediately (within seconds) committed to the Synology. When I use either SSH or Filestation to rename a file in Linux, the change is not copied over to the Windows PC immediately... but only a few minutes after when BTSync routinely analyses the folder. (perhaps 10 minutes, maybe?) Please could someone explain why there is this difference? And why renaming something in Filest
  2. In the linux server version of 1.4, the Sync.Conf file I am running hints that there are loads more options that COULD go into sync.conf. Where can i find all of these options? I tried but this does not seem to make reference to any extra linux config entries to make in sync.conf. Thanks
  3. Hello, Something I;d quite like to see is the ability to right-click either the system-tray icon in windows, or the web-gui in the linux version and have the option to manually start a sync check. It could be universal....e.g. "Start/Recheck All Syncs" or individual ... "Start Sync of MyShare1". Thanks
  4. This is definitely a Windows vs. Linux problem. I install BTSync on another Windows 7 PC on the network.... and the files download fine. I also tried syncing two pre-seeded folders on windows 7 PCs on the network, and they work fine too... So... yeah.,.. thats it. Looks like the Linux vs. Windows situation hasn;t been fully rectified in 1.4 ... not to worry. Maybe in an update or two.
  5. I;ve updated my ubuntu linux BTSYNC to the latest version, its running as root. So i had a look in my own sync.log files. In Windows theres loads of: [2014-08-29 12:49:43] FC[3B69]: file updated - processing file "MY FILE NAME" [2014-08-29 12:49:43] FC[3B69]: found ignored stream "Zone.Identifier" in file "MY FILE NAME" and in the linux log file there are references to error 110 and error 111: [20140829 12:44:24.046] Requesting peers from tracker for share DC6CD6909CD378153CCBC6BF32C96DD468503B69[20140829 12:44:24.046] Creating TCP tracker connection to 54.225
  6. Update: I come into my office this morning, only to find that while i was away overnight, syncing DID occur, and all files/folder renamed in windows and vice versa are now synced. It just seems that syncing occur out of hours! Or only after a few hours of waiting... its not instantaneous like i hoped it would be.
  7. I have emailed two zip files containing log files to Alternatively, the files can be downloaded here: I look forward to hearing about what you think is going on with my sync set up. Thanks
  8. Windows 7 (x64) running btsync 1.4 Ubuntu Server 14.04 running btsync 1.3.109 (apt-get update not picking up new version?) Two pre-seeded folders on each PC containing lots of subfolders and files. I was hoping that 1.4 would bring a fix for the linux <--> windows sync problem I'd posted here: Basically, no matter which platform I set up a sync folder on, no syncing ever occurs between the linux <--> windows. No peers are ever registered, and file name changes made on either PC do not syncronise onto the other
  9. ok, so I wanted to rename my ethernet card in Ubuntu 14.04 from P1P5 to ETH0. I wanted to do this because p5p1 was messing with BTsync and other media programs. I naively thought that I could do this by altering the /etc/network/interfaces file, swapping 'P1P5' for 'eth0'. I tried this. It didn't work. So... i put /etc/network/interfaces back to how it was: auto p5p1 iface p5p1 inet static address gateway netmask dns-nameservers Only now... when i reboot the PC, there is no network. And to get a network I have to manually "ifconfig P5
  10. Just a note... again. If i rename something on windows... and leave it, the folder syncs ok... but only after AGES. Like... i leave work and go home, come back in the morning... and its files/folders have been renamed. Not sure where to go with this issue...if anywhere. I mean, it works i guess. Not as responsivley as i had hoped, but it works nevertheless. Anyway... if anyone has any bright flashes of inspiration. Please let me know.
  11. Sure did... restarted PC, and BTSync and everything. What would make it take a long time to notice changes? I wonder if its a permissions thing.... i.e. My windows user is totally different to my Linux user. So what impact does having different users have? The UBUNTU box has 2 nics.... one is the LO adapter, the other is one called P5P1 .... not sure why ubuntu gave it that silly name and not ETH0 like normal. I;m currently testing renaming folders on the Windows PC and seeing if that gets mirrored on the Ubuntu PC.
  12. Actually... hang on.... in the advanced settings, the folder scan is set to 600. Is that Ten minutes (60*10) or an hour?
  13. This is confusing and odd. I come into work this morning, only to find that the two files on Ubuntu and Win7 have synced. As of this morning, files i renamed in Ubuntu have been correctly renamed on Windows7 PC. What i don't understand though, is that when i rename a file on Ubuntu server, then wait 15-30minutes ... there are no changes on the Win7 PC. But i come in this morning, and the files are renamed! WTF? 1. How long is the delay on syncing stuff? I thought it was ten minutes... but if i wait over ten minutes, there are no changes?! 2. Does BTSync notice files have changed an
  14. @RomanZ Thank you so much for your input. 1. Negative... neither Ubuntu nor Win pc are displayed as "connnected devices" in the web-ui of Ubuntu or the devices portion of the windows app. 2. It is all connected through the LAN. Although eventually I would like to take the secret-code home and use BTSync to do threeway synchronization. 3. I DO have multiple NICs on my Windows PC. A physical NIC and then a couple of virtual NICs that "VMWare Workstation" put onto my PC. I will try disabling/removing these to see if that fixes the issue, and report back. ***Edit: Negative I'm afraid, di
  15. tl;dr version: Linux BTSync Log File is saying: "[20140417 12:00:19.218] UPnP: Unable to map port with UPnP." "[20140417 12:20:21.904] UPnP: Device error "": (-2)" Wat do? Long version: OK... so... PC1: Ubuntu Server running the per user instance of BTSync. (you know... the one with the .conf files in /etc/btsync/) Populated Folder - /software-tools PC2: Windows 7x64 running normal btsync installation. Cloned Populated Folder - /software-tools I have successfully logged in to my Ubuntu