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  1. I have just downloaded 2.6.0 por my QNAP and a Windows laptop, with no issues (at this moment). Everything went ok. Same peers, and some improvements (a 50 gb VirtualBox file that always caused problems has been synced ok). I will keep an eye on it and report any related problem.
  2. Is there any new version for arm19? I see the link above to 2.5.13, but the link for arm19 is 2.5.12, some months old. Thanks
  3. In my set (some Windows 10, a Linux and a QNAP), is happening again. Only relayed folders see each other. I have 2.5.9 in all devices. I don't know what to do.
  4. 2.5.7 has solved these issues for me. I have it running in Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and QNAP NAS.
  5. Look at this: With 2.5.7 in my NAS the problem has been solved. But the version in app center is older. Just download the new directly form qnap and install it. It goes ok.
  6. I don't know the reason, but version 2.5.7 is here: But it is not in "app center". Why? I have downloaded and installed it and runs ok. Some problems I had are solved.
  7. In Spanish "Rastreador" is just below "use relay" in folder preferences. I don't know the name in English Sync.
  8. I's happening again, and there has been no change in any server (no upgrades). Only folders that use "rastreator" are connected. I need predefined hosts to be running. I do not like to use rastreator or relay, as some of my content are private data from customers of the company. Is it safe and private to use relay and rastreator?
  9. Although there is no update for Sync y my Qnap NAS, the problem has been solved with the 2.5.3 in Windows. Now everything is ok.
  10. Today it is the same. No peers for those folders. Some of the other peers can't be updated by me (and some are in Qnap nas that has not been updated yet).
  11. I have exactly the same problem. All peers that use "predefined hosts" (in LAN or WAN) are gone. I do not like to use tracker or relay.
  12. I had to start over everything. Deleted folders in BT Sync, uninstalled BT Sync, restarted NAS, installed Resilio, and add manually all folders again. Now all is ok.
  13. Thank you. I will wait for a new version that may solve this.
  14. My Resilio is now running ok in my Qnap nas, but there is something strange that happened before migration, and I hope to be solved with new version. In my laptop, the Resilio app sees the nas duplicated. If there is only 1 peer (the nas) the app shows 2 peers, the nas (with its name) twice. Sometimes it says "peers 1 of 2" and one of them is offline, and sometimes, they both are online. And act as different peers, the number of pending upload files is different, and one of them syncs before the other (not always the same one). I do no use dht nor relay, only predefined hosts. Is it possible that someway somebody has stolen my id or something and has cloned my nas and is receiving my files? What can I do?
  15. Ok, I have migrated it, but I can't change listening port. It has been changed by itself, and over it there is a message with a orange triangle that says "connection settings overwritten by config". What does that mean?