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  1. Point 5 seems to be pretty important (to me at least) that I think it should be set as a default value of any new Backup or read-only Sync folder. I think it would also be important to set the option 'Restore modified files to original' as ON by default for read-only Sync folders I have played around with the Backup feature on an Android phone and a Mac now and there are some issues I found. If you rename a file in destination and then delete it from the source, it will not be deleted in the destination It was not initially clear (to me) from the property option 'Store deleted files in SyncArchive', that by unticking this option files will be permanently deleted in destination on sync if they have been deleted on source. I was thinking that they would just linger behind as an accumulative backup folder. I think this option could be split into two other options: If files have been deleted on other peer computers: 1) Move them to SyncArchive <checkbox>, 2) Leave untouched and ensure no duplicates <checkbox> (like the 'Left untouched' option in CCC), 3) Delete permanently (if active, deactivates 1 and 2) <checkbox>... And I think the option: If files are deleted in backup folder > 'Restore modified files to original' should be grouped together with these options. Feature request This is probably out of scope for BTSync, but I think it could be cool if it could do sourcefolder-to-destinationfolder-on-same-machine accumulative sync like CarbonCopyCloner. I make video and photography and the way I work with backups is to first import files on my main computers SSD disk in organised subfolders, and then when I am finished with the project and these folders have backed up to external drives, then I delete them from the main computer to make room for a new project. An accumulative process.