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  1. 1.4.103 seems stable to me on a variety of peers, but you may have to resync everything when you move from 1.3 to 1.4, as the upgrade process is far from smooth. That was my experience anyway.
  2. I am starting to get a picture of what 2.0 have feature wise, but I still don't fully understand which features are paid and which features are free. I guess that will come out with time.
  3. If the pro version is aimed at corporate users with hundreds of peers that is totally acceptable. If you guys are trying to suddenly start charging for a product that we were led to believe was free, I imagine many of us with switch to an open source alternative as they mature.
  4. Why am I suddenly worried that one of the "features" of Sync 2.0 will be a size limit on folders in the free version. Maybe I just have a bad taste in my mouth from the "upgrade" from 1.3 to 1.4
  5. That is hardly a workable solution going forward. Add to that the fact that on NAS packages, there is often no easy way to downgrade and you have a really nice mess on your hands. Obviously I could have stuck with 1.3 forever, but that's the same as saying "I give up on future btsync development." I didn't want to do that. On another note, I'm happy to report that after re-transmitting all my data from my RW nodes to empty folders on my encrypted RO nodes, everything seems to be humming along nicely in 1.4.103. So, it would appear that btsync is once again a working solution for distributed backup on untrusted nodes. Sadly, I don't think that data from version 1.3 is ever going to sucessfully sync with a 1.4 node, but that's just my opinion from the many trials I did to attempt to avoid resending hundreds of gigs of data. Thanks to the devs for the excellent software and please pay more attention to testing upgrades and downgrades in the future.
  6. That method is the one I've used sucessfully since 1.3. Also seems to work well on 1.4.103
  7. So, this version seems to work fine, but there is one huge caveat. I suspect strongly that you can't upgrade an encrypted node from 1.3 to 1.4. I had several and none of them would sync with any version of 1.4 until I finally just used an empty folder and that finally worked. Be aware of that when you upgrade. I suspect most if not all encrypted nodes won't work without a full resync/retransmit. Note that all my nodes are now working, but I hope that in the future, forward and backward compatibility will be a high priority.
  8. Well it synced after deleting the encrypted peer and starting over. I'm starting to suspect that many of the issues are caused by the fact that 1.3.xxx does not upgrade to 1.4.xx correctly. Will try some other nodes and see what I can see.
  9. Well that easy method certainly didn't work at all. I'm now trying to sync an encrypted node in new empty folder. I'll let you know how that goes in a few days since it has to transfer ~50 gb of data. Even if the nodes are working again after starting over, I suspect that data that was encrypted and stored on an encrypted node with 1.3.xxx is not usuable after upgrading all the machines to 1.4.xx.
  10. when you say re-add, do you mean that I need to delete the encrypted data and start over or just remove the folders, uninstall btsync with remove settings checked, reinstall and readd the folder. I did the latter, but I did not delete the actual encrypted data, because it was a very large folder. I did delete the .sync folder during the reinstall. -Sean
  11. My encrypted nodes are still not syncing. I'm running 1.4.99 on all 3 computers. All windows 7 machines. 2 64bit and 1 32 bit.
  12. I've noticed this as well, but I think that it's just noting that the file exists but doesn't need to be synced. I don't know why it happens so often. It seems like a wast of resources to monitor files that often.
  13. After several days of tinkering and hoping, I can confirm that encrypted nodes do not sync. It syncs part of a 50gb folder and never finishes. This release seems no better than the last in terms of encrypted node sync engine bugs. It still frequently says no peers when the peers column lists 2 of 2. Encrypted nodes don't sync. I will say that my one read-only (not encrypted) node does seem to work ok. It doesn't always sync, but it usually will after a few hours of being out of sync. What was introduced since 1.3.109 that made the engine so buggy? Wasn't 1.4 mostly a UI update? Still a frustrated user here.
  14. I deleted all the .sync folders and removed and readded the key to each computer with the encrypted node and now it appears that it's churning through the data again and slowly syncing. I'm trying not to have to resync the 100gb folder over the internet unless absolutely necessarry. Will update when and if the sync on the encrypted folder finishes. The read only node still appears to be in sync.
  15. I have definitely updated all nodes to 1.4.99. So far I haven't removed the folders and re-added them. That's my next step. I'll report back as to how that goes. @ICE Any advice? Should I also delete the .sync folders before I re-add the keys or just remove the folder from sync and then add it back? I've already done this process in 1.4.93, and it didn't work. Folders never synced. Does anyone know if there is there any issue syncing between 32bit and 64bit nodes?
  16. Read-Only nodes syncs ok... so far. Encrypted node doesn't work at all. Wrong size, wrong number of peers, wrong sync status.
  17. @RomanZ Thanks for acknowledging the problem. Any ETA on the next version? Is it worth trying to roll back to 1.3 until then? Edit: I'm aware that 1.3 and 1.4 aren't compatible and I would have to resync. Is it worth resyncing all that data or is the new version coming out in the next couple weeks?
  18. I can also report that I have no luck syncing any types of folders. RW, RO, and encrypted folders all fail to sync. Sizes are wrong. Sync freezes and crashes, can't downgrade, the list goes on and on. I want to believe that this software has potential, but all evidence points to a poorly structured testing system and code that is a mess of bugs. Please take these complaints seriously. You guys had a very enthusiastic user base and we are quickly losing interest in troubleshooting. I have to assume most people just uninstall 1.4 and move on with their lives. I have been using this software for years, so I haven't jumped ship quite yet, but I don't know how much more time I can dedicate to troubleshooting and tinkering if the sync engine's reliability doesn't improve soon.
  19. Encrypted nodes don't sync with this version in Windows 7. Read only nodes sync intermittently with this version in windows 7. RW nodes sync once and then report as synced whether or not this is true. RW nodes report "locked" files even if there are no files open on either machine. All types of nodes report the wrong size depending on the weather and the cycle of the moon. "Sync status" reports no peers when "peers" reports 2 of 2. I could go on...
  20. While this is a ridiculous process for what used to be one step, that is not the material issue. If the sync engine worked at all and the UI was confusing, people would complain for about 10 minutes until they figured it out and then you'd never hear from them again. The issue is that Bittorrent released a broken version of the sync engine. It just doesn't work since 1.4. Layered on top of the broken software was a new UI whose merits can be debated, but I think you guys are trying to change too much at once. Here's what confuses me: What was added to the sync engine that wasn't in 1.3? Near as I can tell, there are no new features in 1.4, so why would the sync engine suddenly be so broken? Tinker with the UI all you want, but the engine has to be rock solid. This is software that people use for important things. I know that it's "Beta" now, but the beta was stable for years and so people started using it for important data. Now it's not the least bit stable. I'm currently a profoundly disappointed user. Open source this free software and let the community help squish some of the bugs in the sync engine.
  21. Does anyone have an ETA on when the next release of 1.4 will be and what the proposed list of fixes/changes are?
  22. Does anyone have an encrypted node that is reliably syncing with version 1.4.xxx? If so can you describe your setup. All of my encrypted nodes are broken under 1.4.93. Extremely frustrated.
  23. I agree with all of this. If syncthing (pulse) or something open source implemented untrusted encrypted nodes, I would gladly switch. I talked my family and friends into using btsync for distributed backups and now I feel like an idiot for leading them down the path of 1.4. Please don't treat your user base this way or you will lose it.
  24. I also have the issue described in this thread, among other issues. Pretty confident I'm gonna switch back to 1.3 soon.