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  1. Thanks for the tip. I just tried that and it didn't change anything for me.
  2. I am trying to change the path to my folders and I keep getting the error "You have used all your free folders". I don't believe I have... I just want to use the same folders plus but the new path. Here's a video of the issue.
  3. So I thought I had successfully created a cloud on my EC2 instance, but it looks like I am missing one thing... I'm guessing it's a permission of some sort. I could post the link to where the interface is, but something tells me that might not be wise to do in a public setting, so I'm going to attach 2 screenshots. The web interface: And the Local interface: You can see that in the local interface I have not been able to get the "Amazon Cloud" to accept anything. What are your thoughts on why it wouldn't be taking part in the sync?
  4. I can confirm that the machine is in the devices tab and the status says: [up arrow] 31.2 GB and I'm not sure what that means. I apologize for my ignorance, but I am pretty sure that the backup computer doesn't have a static IP address, and a few months ago I looked into using DNS services, but I just don't grasp how that works or what it means to get it setup... I gather that is along the lines of what you are suggesting.
  5. Both machines are Mac Pros but one is newer than the other. The other stuff is out my league, but I can give it a shot tomorrow.... But I'm serious if you're interested in working, let me know. And thank you so much for your awesome help!
  6. I have tried to setup my backup strategy using Bittorrent Sync, but I've run into several issues that are causing me to decide that I need to hire someone to help me get this setup. 1. I have 1.7TB of data to sync. I started by cloning my storage drive and then taking it to a remote location where I then setup the sync, but I can see that there are consistent issues of not syncing. (I can see the change in history, but not in the syncArchive or in the folder where the change took place) 2. Both systems are Mac OSX 3. During sync the mouse can get pretty erratic, I'm cool with slowing dow