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  1. Yep, the main problem was the file permissions. The default .sync folder that was created when the application was installed had the wrong user/group permissions so it couldn't create the sqlite database. It belonged to root:root and needed to be chown'd to admin:admin. Running like normal now, thanks!
  2. I am running the BitTorrent Sync app (version 1.2.92; ARM) on my ReadyNAS (version 6.1.7) and the download speed is prohibitively slow. I've left it running overnight and It's been averaging about 50kB/s. It's currently connected to 3 computers on the local network (gigabit connection), all of which have full copies of the sync folder. Those computers are running Windows and OSX. I've noticed that CPU usage is quite high while syncing, with the load average hovering around 3.9 (nothing else is using any noticeable amount of CPU). I disabled the antivirus scanning on the box, which helped a l