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  1. System Tray Icon To Show Remaining Data To Be Synched If you are synching 5GB of data and currently 1.5GB have been synched when you hover over the icon, along with up / down speeds, it should show 3.5G remaining or something. Hopefully this option doesn't exist already hidden somewhere.
  2. Cheers! The new UI looks "prettier" but as a lot of users have stated already, the old one so far is better. Something else: Is it possible, on the system tray icon, to also show remaining data to be synched over (X MB | GB) along with up / down speeds?
  3. I looked around in the UI and options but couldn't find a way to check what is actively being synched and what is in the queue to be synched. Only way was to double click the shared folder, to open windows explorer and look inside the directory or to check History. In 1.3.x if I remember correctly you either hovered over the folder or double clicked and you got a list of the files.
  4. Very well, thank you for your answer and once more for your work on this!
  5. As everyone has said before, thank you for your work on the pkgs! I am using for the past weeks btsync on a debian 7 machine. The only problem I am having is that I created the config by hand and not through dpkg-reconfigure. The reason being that dpkg doesn't allow me not to set a webui admin name / pass / port. I have removed that part from the config and it works fine and all but everytime it updates it creates a similar default config (so I have two almost identical configs running at the same time). Could you make it so that if the user doesn't want the webui he can opt out of it duri