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  1. OK, to sum it up: - at least 3000/UDP outgoing -> if possible ANY/UDP outgoing for maximum performance - 80/TCP outgoing - incoming portforwarding for a UDP port that I define as incoming port in btsync Am I correct? Wouldn't it be nice to have that in FAQ section? :-) Thanks a lot for your help! kind regards michael
  2. Hi Denis, I opened all outgoing ports on my firewall and about 3 seconds after that the other peers connected again. There must be some changes from version 1.2.82 to 1.3.94 so that btsync now needs more ports opened than 3000 UDP I guess? Funny thing: I activated the firewall again like it was before, rebooted the btsync VM and afterwards connections to peers are still working. So obviously the firewall doesn’t have to be open all the time? Did it download something that is only needed to be downloaded once? I don’t get it ^^ Does it have something to do with this recurring log entry “
  3. [20140503 13:18:12.734] total physical memory 536870912 max disk cache 2097152 [20140503 13:18:12.735] Using IP address [20140503 13:18:12.736] test sha1: AE5BD8EFEA5322C4D9986D06680A781392F9A642 [20140503 13:18:12.736] test sha2: 630DCD2966C4336691125448BBB25B4FF412A49C732DB2C8ABC1B8581BD710DD [20140503 13:18:12.736] test aes: 0A940BB5416EF045F1C39458C653EA5A07FEEF74E1D5036E900EEE118E949293 [20140503 13:18:12.736] Loading config file version 1.3.94 [20140503 13:18:13.025] SyncFolderScanner: Adding notifier "/bts-share/user1" [20140503 13:18:13.025] Added path=/bts-share/user1 w
  4. Hi Denis, thanks for replying ! :-) Which file(s) exactly? Kind regards, Michael
  5. Hi, some time ago I’ve set up a dedicated ubuntu linux VM for btsync 1.2.82. It’s running behind a firewall, I only opened outgoing port 3000 udp and from the beginning it worked like charm. It takes about 2 seconds to connect new peers and the sync starts. Now I did an update to 1.3.94 by switching the btsync executable, I left everything else as it was but now the peers won’t connect anymore. I already compared the sample config from 1.3.94 with my running config but it doesn’t seem as if there were many changes in the structure of the config file from 1.2x to 1.3x I restored my VM