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  1. So does BTsync …or has that finally been fixed?
  2. I have the same issue. Could you check the sync.log on your Diskstation? Mine reports "UPnP: ERROR mapping TCP port" which seems to point to a network issue. Syncing from OSX to an iPhone on the same network works though.
  3. Do you have an update on the issue? I re-installed BTsync on my Synology Diskstation and have been facing the same error since :S @Harold Feit: Is there a way to find the culprit? Using OS X's network utility or the like? Other than Synology's Music Station and Video Station there are no media servers installed on the machine. Stopping those did not help. Thanks in advance
  4. @ RomanZ Auto download is disabled in the app. Nevertheless, everything should turn up when the app is running on both the Mac and the phone. Both devices are in the same network. I looked at the synced Dropbox folder again, and it contained only one subfolder that had been long deleted. It did not show up in the log file, even after rescan, but kept getting synced to the phone. Then I deleted the folder in both the iOS app as well as in mac sync app, and re-added it. This time, the ~/Dropbox folder does not appear, ~/Music is empty, ~/Library shows only one file, (even though is excluded via .SyncIgnore) So even though the three are excluded the same way in .SyncIgnore: Music/*Dropbox/*Library/*each one shows a different behaviour. The ~/Documents folder does still not appear, even though it is not in .SyncIgnore This is consistent after several rescans (it is set to 600s). I could not check the sync.log, since it keeps crashing, but there are many "SyncFolderNotify: got event for file …"events for subfolders of ~/Library in sync.log.old. The folder ~/Documents does not appear neither in the app nor in the sync.log.old, even though it should… I emailed newer log files, from after when I re-added the folder to Sync app. Thanks
  5. @RomanZ I added the folder using the GUI ('My Sync' → 'add folder' or something along the lines, I use the German localisation). When I open the folder's property window, the window title reads 'Users/nameofmyhomefolder', so that should be fine. I had just sent you the logs in pm, had not yet seen your post, will send an email. Thank you.
  6. Hi RomanZ, yes, they are in the root folder. ~/Dropbox, ~/Library, ~ is the sync folder
  7. Thank you for your reply, this does not appear to change anything (same folder size in Sync App, folders and contents still synced). Do I understand correctly, that /folderis supposed to ignore the entire folder, while folder/*should ignore not the folder itself but all it's contents? EDIT: I just realised it did change something. The folder ~/Music shows up in the iOS app now. Empty, as would be expected. ~/Library and ~/Dropbox still behaving weird though…
  8. Hi everyone! I am trying to sync my Home directory with 1.3.105 on OS X 10.9.3 but it seems like my .SyncIgnore file is being (partially?) ignored. This is what it looks like: # .SyncIgnore is a UTF-8 encoded .txt file that helps you specify single files, paths and rules # for ignoring during the synchronization job. It supports "?" and "*" wildcard symbols.####/Music/Dropbox/Library*.aplibraryiPhoto Library# Synology #@eaDir# hidden files #.*# OS generated files #.DS_Store.DS_Store?._*.Spotlight-V100.Trashesehthumbs.dbdesktop.iniThumbs.db# Finder some reason, the Dropbox and Library are synced irregardless, at least partially. On the other hand, lots of files in the folder Pictures are missing as well as the whole Documents folder. This is when viewing the folder in the iOS app. The Bittorrent Sync also states the wrong size for the Home on the Mac; 6.1 GB when it should be somewhere around 20 GB (ignored files taken into account). I can influence this size by adding or removing *.aplibrary (the Aperture Library) to .SyncIgnore, so the file does not seem to be ignored entirely. What am I doing wrong?
  9. I have a similar issue. Sync is just looping through about 4,000 files, whenever it reaches 0, the number is being reset.
  10. Where can I set the the rescan interval on an Synology? There is a sync.conf in /var/packages/btsync/target/var but even as root I can't open it.
  11. Another vote for selective syncing. I think the dropbox client's interface works well for this.