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  1. Update: The only way that btsync works in my network is configuring a fixed server and port at every shared folder; in that way it syncs the files. I think that something was changed in the protocol and discovering servers within a network, (VLAN environment), are broken or just doesn work as before any more. I need to test this issue more, because I can't see that this, always online server, is syncing with external clients. Regards,
  2. Hi, I was using btsync without issues since I installed it 2 months ago, then a few days ago, it stoped to work as spected. No files are syncing in any configured folder. I must say that Iḿ using tuxpoldo deb package in Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS, I upgrade few times the pagages using the repo, I don know if the issue is due an upgrade. @work: there is an always on server with some shared folders, then there are a few workstations with those shared folders configured, all synced realtime because all devices are in the same network, but in different VLANs. @home: One worstation syncing the same shared folders from work. So, I don't know what is happening with the syncing, I'm using btsync version 1.3.93 recently upgraded using apt. I do restart the service but the log file doesn't show any thing more that stop start events, no incomming conections or file transfers. BTW: Connected devices just gone from the Web UI, no more devices are showed. Thanks in advance for any help, regards.