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  1. Hi,


    A couple of my folders on BTSync were deleted when I switched on one of my synced computers today. Apparrently, another of my computers 'deleted' files in the night. I am not sure how to remedy this.

    I found some of the files in the sync archive of the former computer. However, they have lost the timestamps when they were first created + latest modification. Is there a way to recover these metadata? I also don't know if more files have been lost...?

    Would anyone know what the problem is?


    On a related note, I've also noticed that the upload/download status have been stuck for weeks, usually ~Mb order of magnitude. Furthermore, some files just don't sync over the computers.


    I really hope to recover the files, they are for work...


    Thank you for the help.


    Also to add, out of the 3 computers, which I have access to 2 now, there seems to be different extent of deletions.