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  1. As you can see in the picture below, BTSync is the biggest memory hog on my entire NAS: Currently, 14 folders are being synced with my NAS. Yes, you are correct: The amount of memory being used is correlated to the number of files
  2. As BTSync is a memory hog, I don't see that working on a NAS with limited memory to be honest (neither on a Pi). But thanks for thinking along
  3. I'm running BTSync 1.4.111 on my Synology RS814 in combination with BTSync Client 2.0.105 on my Windows 7 (32-bit) machine. BTSync says that one folder is Out of Sync. However, it is connected to 1 of 1 peers and 4.43GB is pending to be uploaded. So my question is; Why isn't it syncing? How can I troubleshoot this? I can't upgrade to BTSync 2.0 on my NAS as I have more than 10 folders that are synced with my NAS; My friends also sync to my NAS; Indivudually we do not exceed 10 folders per person, but combined together, we have more than 10 folders.
  4. It has been running like a champ since I've applied those commands @denis4inet Apparantly it was an rights issue indeed. Thank you very much! Still, I am curious why some folders never finish syncing, as shown in the screenshot in my previous post Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your reply @JimKnopf, Here's the output of "ps -w|grep bts" RS814> ps -w|grep bts15233 btsync 177m S /usr/local/btsync/bin/btsync --config /usr/local/btsync/var/sync.conf20069 root 4036 S grep btsRS814> Yes, I installed the btsync package from the synocommunity. Should denis4inet's fix not work, I will apply your steps. So far it's still running. However, I do have a question about this behaviour: It's been like this for over 2-3 weeks now. What could this be causing? MicroServer is synced using a read-only key. Thanks in advance!
  6. @denis4inet Thanks for your reply. I executed your commands, here's the output: I restarted BTSync afterwards. Let's see how things go Thanks!
  7. @RomanZ Thanks for your reply. I was able to retrieve 4 different core dumps. I uploaded them for you to download here: Thanks in advance!
  8. Sadly, it crashed again.... Here's the sync.log file: And here's the sync.log.old file: I can't find anything special/odd in there... What could this be causing? I'm having these issues since BTSync 1.3+. BTSync 1.2+ ran perfectly.
  9. Thanks for the reply! I followed your instructions and I'm now running 1.3.94 as well. Thanks! Let's see how things go. I hope this version runs stable! Kind regards, Freekers.
  10. OK, Great. BTSync crashed again last night but the sync.log file is empty, just the 4 chars FFFF are in there.... Am I doing something wrong?
  11. Thank you for your reply. I've followed your instructions and am now waiting for BTSync to crash again Also, are you sure you're running 1.3.93 on your Synology? As the latest version on Synocommunity is 1.3.87 Thanks!
  12. Hi! I'm having issues with the latest BTSync 1.3+ BTSync builds on my Synology RS814 running DSM 5. It crashes randomly with no apparant reason and I have no clue how to debug or investigate it. It can run fine for 2-3 days or crash every hour, so it's totally at random. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank you. Kind regards.