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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I do need it to work with large numbers of files (git repos etc), but I've been testing with just 2 or 3 files and still seen the problems described above.
  2. I'm running btsync on several machines and it's mostly working but I'm having trouble on one older server running Ubuntu 12.04. Basically, the btsync process doesn't seem to automatically detect any changes I make in my sync folders, it only picks up and syncs out changes after the folder_rescan_interval. I tested this by starting the btsync process and immediately changing a file. It was about 10 minute before my other computers got it. I changed my config file to have a 5 minute folder_rescan_interval and repeated the test and it took 5 minutes for a sync to happen. I would really like to get the sync time down to a few seconds at most (I'm trying to replace Dropbox which does this pretty well), so I could set the folder_rescan_interval interval to something really short like 5 seconds or less but that seems excessive. Are there any other ways to get btsync to pick up changes more quickly? I noted on some other threads that people were saying it should happen basically automatically via inotify but that doesn't seem to be working for me. Are there dependancies that need to be installed? (I'm not using the package version, just the 1.3.94 binary). Thanks for the help. -Nick PS: I don't have sudo privileges on this particular server but I'm friends with the SA so I can ask him to tweak reasonable things.