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  1. That did it. Thanks! Working pretty well now. Not perfectly, but seeing something in the log I can probably search for on the forum.
  2. In touch with BitTorrent Support about this. Sent a bunch of logs and hopefully a solution will be found. Removing/re-adding isn't working on one of the folders I want to get synced.
  3. I've sent in some logs from both machines. It's worth mentioning that the Sync folder, which I have re-added on both ends, has synced one time since I posted this. But it doesn't seem to happen very quickly. I did a file rename, and it's definitely been 10 minutes on both ends (so both folders should have re-indexed), but I don't see them syncing. So not really sure why it randomly worked that one time. In any case, it'd be nice if it would kick in faster. UPDATE: Nah, I tried that with another folder but it didn't help. Sync is still super-intermittent for no real good reason, even though i
  4. I recently got a new Mac and used Migration Assistant to move data. I changed the Device Name on the new one after that. But the two can't find each other. Both of them can find another Mac on the network without a problem. Migration Assistant is in many ways like a clone. Is there some sort of GUID or unique ID that I need to reinitialize in BTSync? It's as if the two Macs think that they are the same device, and thus ignore each other. It's unlikely to be network problems since, as mentioned, both of them can see a third Mac that is on the network, and syncing works with that one.