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  1. I have just installed Sync for arm devices on my Cubox-i 4Pro at home ("A" CuboxTV@Baarsjes)) and I installed the Sync app on Android. Camera backup and Pictures folder have now been synced completely. It works great! Now I also installed a Cubox at my parents place ("B" CuboxTV@Delft), installed Sync on it. I just added the two keys from my Android phone to it. After approval, I quickly saw via the WebUI the Cubox at my parents place now has "3 of 3 peers". And it is actively receiving data for those two folders. --> But in the webUI of my Cubox (A), I do not see any activity (up/down), even though it also shows "3 of 3 peers"! I would expect it to be uploading to B. It seems my phone is sending data to B, but A is not sending anything to B. Screenshot of A (BTSync@Baarsjes"): Screenshot of one folder of A: Screenshot of B (BTSync@Delft): Screenshot of one folder (albums) on B: So Phone > A worked And Phone > B is now working but since B needs to receive data to get into sync, I would also expect A <> B to be working. Why does this not happen? And also strange: Why does A not show the name of B in the list of peers? It does show its own name and the local IP address of B. (While I'm doing all this, Im sitting home, connected to my wifi so A is a local device, B is via the internet, I can access both via webui since I opened the port of the webui in the routers of both locations).
  2. Sorry for reviving such an old topic, but I have had the exact same issue. I tried spocks command and it did not work. I also tried chmod +x and it did not work. First I had the exact same error, now it is: xbian@CuboxTV /etc/btsync/bin $ btsync-bash: btsync: command not foundOn a Cubox-i 4pro running XBian (based on debian/raspbian). Please help! edit: I removed the chmod +x, added it again and ran ./btsync, now it works!
  3. That is exactly what tuxpoldo did with his BTSync Server package for Debian/Ubuntu. I thought about using his github project to create a similar package for GeeXBoX (have a Cubox-i running GeeXBoX which is based on OpenBricks) but I definitely do not have the skills to do that. But I am also worried that this multi-instance solution will have an effect on performance. That is why I am interested to hear more about usecases, how the folks here are using BTSync now, because perhaps I shouldnt worry about all of this and just put everyones secret codes in the webui, be done with it..
  4. Hi all. I wonder how people here are using BTSync on their NAS. Do you just have 1 webui that you use? But what if you are with 2 persons or a family, you would want each of them to have their own BTSync account (their own WebUI showing only their synced folders/devices), or is that a crazy exotic thought? I have a Cubox-i running GeeXBoX and there is a BTSync package available. But BTSync does not support user accounts (as far as I know). How are you guys doing this now?
  5. The GeeXBoX distribution is based on OpenBricks and the devs already created a BTSync package, I wanted to have one like yours without UI support, with instances and webUI support. Perhaps this is not that hard to do by copying your init script.. just not sure how you disabled the UI. I will check with the dev from GeeXBoX first, he is already working on a how to guide to help others create OpenBricks packages. with your permission I would like to give it a try to create something like your package for this platform.
  6. Is it possible to rename a peer by changing the value of "device_name" in the user .conf file? I created my first 2 instances but I used "device_name": "Firstname Lastname". Since users will see this in their Peers list, I want to change it to RaspberryPi@citycode-Firstname. But it is now already syncing and I do not want to mess it up.
  7. Has anyone tried to install the package on a Cubox-i with GeeXBoX? There is a BTSync.opkg available in their repository but it is not this headless version. I don't really know yet where to start if I want to install this on GeeXBox.
  8. I have been searching the official btsync site, still doesn't really make sense to me why you need to create a user when you use the webui for the first time since it is not meant as multi user setup. Only way to do this is by creating instances, right?
  9. @WebAsh, I was behind 2 routers, which is always bad. Are you also behind 2 routers? If so, add your computer to the DMZ of your first router. uPNP should take care of port forwarding in the second router. This fixed it. I also use SSL and have no issues anymore.
  10. Just discovered my router is actually connected to another router, not directly to the internet. Im in a shared office here. I added the Raspberry to the DMZ of my router and it works flawlessly now. Thanks for explaining. Since I had to create a user in the webui to continue, I just wondered why that was, seems like you could log out and log in as another user. I didn't mean linux users actually.
  11. I'll disable the firewall in the router, still have the issue. No firewall installed on the pc. SFTP is fixed: I used rasbian config to change hostname, but the hosts file was not updated, only hostname file. Thats fixed now. Somehow I do see the BTSync user creation page in an old tab that I tested, but it doesn't work anymore. Decided to try the same on my phone and I could access the webui! just not on my laptop edit: I completely cleared cache and everything of Firefox and Chrome and I got the login page, after logging in, still have the forever waiting issue. Will now reboot everything: router, raspberry, laptop and try again. another question: I get the possibility to create instances. But how to 'users' relate to instances? Can 1 instance have multiple users? Can each user have its own folder?
  12. Hi, I followed the guide: http://www.yeasoft.com/site/projects:btsync-deb:btsync-server And installed rasbian, used SSH to install btsync successfully on a Raspberry Pi. When I go to the webui: raspberrypi:port, I first receive a Firefox warning about the certificate, thats OK, but after adding an exception, it is loading and waiting forever. Nothing really loads. I do see the url changed to ipaddress:portnumber/gui but nothing else. SSH works fine, but when I use Cyberduck to SFTP into my raspberry it also just loads forever. It seems something is not configured yet but I don't know what. I logged into my router, assigned an IP address to the raspberry and even opened the port for the webui in my router. I rebooted the RPi after doing this and I can still SSH into the RPI using the new IP address. No idea in what direction to look for the issue now.
  13. Thanks for your explaination! I have read more pages now and finally understand this package. It seems like you have done a lot work I might have tried myself (and I would have failed definitely). I installed your package, will continue set up tomorrow. What I want to do: - make sure my phone and my gf phone can sync (backup) photos automatically to the RPi at home. - have a sync of all my music on my RPi and 2 other RPis (3 in total, all different locations/cities) at other locations (I will install your package there as well) - have a sync of 1 folder on a 4rd RPi on all other RPis --> reason why: I would like to have the data in this folder available wherever I am in the world and by having it on 4 RPis I hope, if I would ever need a file from that folder, the download speed will be fantastic because it gets its data from 4 sources. I think your package is the way to go. Will experiment more this week. And also combine OwnCloud using info from here.
  14. Really sorry to spam your topic but I am new to BTSync, not new to Raspberry Pi. I have 1 RPi running XBian (XBMC media center based on Raspbian + installed some tools to get content I like). I now have a secondary RPi available, just installed Raspbian and I would like to run BTSync on this one. The RPi should be always on (will use it to sync photos from my mobile phone etc). I understand I can simply install the official BTSync for RPi (using wget http://btsync.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/btsync_arm.tar.gz), but I can also choose your package from this topic. Which one would be better? Also, why does Bittorrent still maintain their official release for this device if yours is better? I would prefer not to depend on a 3rd party for future updates, would prefer to go for the official one. But it is all about performance eventually and after reading the 1st post your build seems the better choice.