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  1. I didn't notice a difference with AVG enebled or disabled. I will try ESET when I go back to work next week. However I did start counting the seconds of the delays. This didn't folow this pattern everytime but generly the first right click was the longest between 14-30 seconds, the following clicks were 5-6 seconds. Ocationaly there was a period of no waiitng at all. After waiting before right clicking again the pattern would start over again.
  2. Excelent, glad I am not crazy I look forward to a fix in the future. I do not have Kasperdky on any of my machines. I have a mixture of AVG Free and Eset.
  3. As far as I can tell this is any file server doesn't matter the load, or fold or file size.File explorer hangs just as long on a 2TB video folder as a 1KB text file. I have duplicated this issue on multiple clients windows 7 clients on separate networks and multiple servers. I am 90% sure this affects windows 10, but I have not tried it for along time. Servers I have tried. Freenas 9 Server CIFS Ubuntu 14.04 SMB server Windows Server 2013 Share Windows Server 2008 Share These servers hardware ranges from a cheap single 1TB drive to 4 Enterprise 1500RPM drives in RAID 10.
  4. I found a bug in BTSync that is causing Window File explorer to hang for 30+ seconds when right clicking on files on a network share. It appears to be the "Share with BitTorrent Sync" contect menu When I disable the BTSync's context menu using ShellExView My right click works just fine and does not hang file explorer. I have been having this issue for almost a year now on multiple computers running windows 7. Today I tracked it down to BTSync by trial and error. I just updated to the latest and greatest BTsync 2.2.7(160) with the same re
  5. Ahh ok, thanks for the information. I guess I will wait pashently for more information. I have been trying to sync my Music across all of my divices however non of the music apps can find the music on the ExtSD when it is in the com.bittorrent.sync folder. It is very anoying.
  6. So I remember all of the problem Google created when they release Andorid 4.4.2, however I thought they fixed all of this in 5.0. I am running a Galexy S5 5.0 stock everything but I can't write to the SD card out side of that stupied com.bittorrent.sync folder. Is this still a thing? I am able to use X-Plore app to edit change deleat files, but I think I had to give permission to X-Plore to enable write access to the SD card as shown in this gude. I can't get BTSync to popup this window to allow access
  7. Ahh, thanks for clearing that up, I missunderstood the website, when it talked about volume licencing sounded like it is 40 per device. Yes I agree, subscption modle is wrong for what they are selling, I hope they see the light on that. I would love to go back to 1.4. I have screwed my self by updating to v2. Because I have a few IPhones I use BTsync to backup photos. No way to downgrade apps on iphones as far as I know . But I may just setup a compleat seperate BTsync server for the apple stuff and downgrade everything elce.
  8. I am very surprised by this I didn't get a warning or anything. Just updated all of my phones and computers one day and boom. 30 day count down tell dooms day. I am partialy to blame for not researching this myself, I just honestly didn’t have time. With work and school being so crazy, I honestly don’t know what I am going to do about this. I don’t really have time anymore to deal with this when my syncing system totally dies. So that is awesome. (15days left) I don't think a subscription really fits the BTsync model. Subscription is really for if I am renting or buying a service from you o
  9. I would want this as well I have a Digital Ocean server running Bittorrent sync, I used that to torrent my podcast so I can help support/seed. I used BITtorrent sync to sync the completed podcasts to my computers and phones. My server only had 20GB available so I need to delete the podcast every so often to make room for the new ones. But this deletes the podcast from my desktop and phones as well because they are synced with the server. From looking at this post it looks like the mobile clients already have this featur