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  1. I use “Selective Sync” to leave placeholder files so that I don't eat up my laptop’s hard drive.

    However, usually what I want to do when I download them is just get them onto my local computer, NOT open them.

    However, BTS seems to assume that once they are downloaded they should be opened with the default app.

    Is there a way to control that behavior?


  2. I have 5 Macs.

    I have a “Pro” license (not subscription) for v.2

    I want _most_ folders shared & sync'd between all 5 Macs. (I do not think I need the “advanced” features really, as I basically only share files with myself.)

    If I add a new folder on one Mac, I want it to show up on all of the others with “placeholder” files, because I often want to place them somewhere other than the default BTS directory.

    But the only way that I know how to get the new folder to a different machine is to click “Share” and then copy the link to a different computer and add it manually.

    There has to be an easier way, and I think I'm missing how it is “supposed" to work.

    What should I be doing differently?




  3. Assume I have a folder called “Important Stuff” which syncs to my laptop and my desktop.

    Then I disconnect the laptop but keep the folder “Important Stuff” on it but do not delete or add files to it.

    Next, I make changes to “Important Stuff” on the desktop. It is very important that I not lose these changes.

    Now, if I reconnect “Important Stuff” on my laptop, is it safe to assume that the desktop version will overwrite the laptop version, not the other way around?

    (Let's assume for the sake of this discussion that “Important Stuff” is large enough that I really do not want to re-sync the entire folder if I can avoid it, as in over 100GB.)

  4. My Synology is running BTS 2.0.93.


    It syncs to Macs running 2.2.0, but I am pretty sure I have seen this even before the recent changes.


    Basically, if I am syncing a folder "TestDir" between my Mac and Synology, the Synology will see any changes that I make on my Mac. For example, if I create a file "from-mac.txt" in TestDir on my Mac, it will appear in the Synology "TestDir" folder.


    However, if I create a file "from-synology.txt" on the NAS in the TestDir folder, it does not sync to any of my other BTS clients.


    Furthermore, if I delete the "from-mac.txt" file _on the Synology_ that deletion does not seem to get reflected across other clients either.


    Any help would be appreciated.



    Ok, it does seem to send them, it just takes a lot longer for some reason. (Changes from the Macs are almost instant across the LAN, the changes from the Synology took 5-10 minutes. And this is just the creation/deletion of very small text files.)

  5. Assume 3 computers are syncing: A, B, and C.


    Each is syncing a folder called 'Foo' with a file called 'bar.txt' inside of it.


    Now 'C' disconnects from syncing 'Foo' for awhile (but keeps the folder), and A and B both continue to sync 'bar.txt'.


    'C' then reconnects to sync. It has a copy of 'bar.txt' in 'Foo' but it's not up-to-date compared to A and/or B.


    However, it appears that 'C's copy of 'bar.txt' becomes the default, and replaces the copy of 'bar.txt' that has also been sync'd between A and B.


    I assume this happens because sync considers 'C's copy of 'bar.txt' to be 'newer' because 'C' just (re)joined the sync cycle, but shouldn't the modification date of 'bar.txt' be used instead?


    Because that does not seem to be what happens here.



  6. Aha! Well, if I can make a suggestion, it would be a lot easier if there was a way to do all of this at once, with an option for "LAN Syncing Only" that would disable the appropriate options and flush the cache.


    Also, Can I force Sync to do local network (LAN) syncing only and not sync via the Internet? should be updated with this information.


    (I assume you mean I just need to restart the app, not my laptop :-)

  7. I have lots of folders that I want to sync with any of my other computers over the Internet, but there are some folders I would like to ONLY sync on a local network.


    Imagine this scenario:


    A = Desktop computer at home

    B = Laptop

    C = Desktop computer at work


    Now assume that I have a large folder (multi GB) called "ReallyBigFolder" on 'C' that I want to have on 'B' and 'A' but it's not urgent and the network that 'C' is on has very very poor upload bandwidth.


    I can wait until the next time that I have my laptop at the office to sync "ReallyBigFolder" from 'C' to 'B' and then when I bring my laptop home, "ReallyBigFolder" can sync from 'B' to 'A'.


    Now… _most_ of my folders are not multi GB so 'C' can sync those normally, but is there a way to tell 'C' to only sync "ReallyBigFolder" on the local network?


    If so, how?






  8. Over the past week or so, I have noticed that when I add new folders to my various Macs (all running 2.0.105), the folders do not always appear on the other Macs.


    I have to manually share them with myself in order to get them to appear.


    For example, today I created a folder called 'ASermonForEverySunday' and shared it on my Mac mini, but it has not yet appeared on my MacBook Pro.


    I have restarted BTS on both Macs.

  9. I turned those columns on, and today I confirmed that it _is_ re-downloading some files that are well over 100 MB in size, after I moved those files to a new sub-folder. I also configured that by looking at the window which shows which files are being downloaded and from where.

    For some reason, BTS did not recognize that those files just needed to be moved/renamed, and re-downloaded them instead.