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  1. I was editing /usr/local/scripts/ in my text editor (BBEdit). (N.B. /usr/local/scripts/ is sync’d across several Macs via BTS.) Suddenly BBEdit reported that the file had been moved, and it was now at /usr/local/scripts/.sync/Archive/ Since I was only editing the file on this Mac (and, in fact, the file is newly created, on this Mac, about 30 minutes ago), I have no idea how/why BTS suddenly decided to archive it, but it appears there was a sync conflict of some kind, and BTS clearly chose the wrong one.
  2. I generally only have the default columns on, because the window still does not resize well if you add others, and I end up having to scroll horizontally, but I will add them to check it out.
  3. Judging by the 'Status' line in the app, it appears to be re-transferring, but OTOH I don't see duplicates in .sync/Archive/ which I would expect if they were being "replaced". Maybe it just appears to be re-transferring but it's actually just going through a renaming process. It seems slower than I'd expect.
  4. 1. I am going to be renaming/re-organizing a large number of of large files. 2. All of the files, as they exist right now, are already on 3 different Macs which are spread across the Internet. 3. The 3 Macs are are already in full sync via BTS (2.0.105). 4. Given that some of these files are several GB large (video files), I do not want to them to re-sync, I want BTS to say "Hey, 'File A' is now know as 'This Is A Much Better Name.ext' so please rename accordingly. Is there anything I can/should do to make sure that change happens as efficiently as possible?
  5. I upgraded a machine from 1.4x to 2.x and now I have a bunch of old 1.4-style folders. I only want to use 2.x-style folders. What's the easiest way to get rid of all of the old ones?
  6. If you want to choose the folder on the other Mac (the one which is getting “Documents 1” etc), right-click on the folder in the BTSync list, and then choose “Disconnect.” Say “yes” to removing local files. Then you can connect it manually and choose the existing folder that you want to use.
  7. 3 Macs, all running Sync 2.0.93 I created a new folder on one Mac, and then added it to Sync. It says “No Peers” and hasn't shown up yet on the other 2 Macs. That's supposed to happen “auto-magically” right? I quit/restarted BTS on one of the Macs where it didn't show up, and when it started up, the new folder appeared on it and the other Mac. I'm not sure if it was just really coincidental timing, or if that was enough to “kick” it into noticing a new folder had been added.
  8. I reinstalled OS X on my MacBook Pro, and now I have two devices listed as “Pro”: How can I remove the 2nd one?
  9. Oh, come on. “There has been no loss of functionality, only an imposition of numeric limits” is a semantic dodge. Syncing folders was unlimited in one version, and limited in the next, but somehow that is NOT a loss of functionality? I mean… you can make whatever argument you want, but trying to claim that isn't a decrease in functionality is absurd. The number of folders that you can sync is part of the functionality of the program. You can argue all you want about sustainability and fair pricing, but you can't say “Well, it's the same system, they just imposed some limits on it” beca
  10. FWIW I have been doing this for quite awhile now (it's one of the main reasons I started using BTS) and it works great.
  11. I have all of my Macs set to "Disconnected" (see image) but they all keep getting reset to "Connected" no matter how many times I tell them not to. I wonder if this preference is being lost whenever BitTorrent Sync crashes, which is a lot.
  12. That is, by far, the least-elegant workaround I have heard in a long-time. Coming in as a close second is the process required to move a 1.4 BTSync folder to 2.0. Not a great job, guys.
  13. This is something _way_ too clunky. I ought to be able to move the folder in the Finder and BTSync should be able to recognize it from the information in the '.sync' folder.
  14. Yes, but you glossed over the actual point: “BitTorrent Sync will work tomorrow exactly like it works today.” “Yesterday” we could sync an unlimited number of folders for free, and today we can sync 10. The point that you are missing (or ignoring) is that they said one thing (base 1.x features will remain free, new 2.0 features will be "pro") and did another. And there's still no answer to what we are getting for $40/year to explain why it isn’t a $40 purchase of version 2.0 and all 2.x updates. It sounds like the only "feature" we're getting for $40 is a guaranteed revenue stream fo
  15. This bug has been around since 1.4. If you use a lot of columns, BTSync puts the "Share" button too far off to the right. Now even the "connect" button is nearly hidden. See screenshot attached.
  16. > the people for whom security is a 100% matter, not a 99% matter, best choose a solution that allows, and can withstand, scrutiny. Oh, please. Just stop. (I apologize in advance because this is me writing when I'm tired and a little more cranky than usual. Please don't take any of this personally.) 100% security is a lie. It's a myth. It doesn't exist. Open Source does not mean 100% secure (See `bash` and `openssl` for recent examples.). It's an unfounded lie that keeps getting repeated because it's an attractive myth among a certain group of people who have a lot of choices for
  17. Ha, yeah, no, one of these is local but the other is across the Internet, so it's definitely not prime network conditions.
  18. The folder in question is about 80 GB, so I'd really rather not have to re-download it all. That being said, I'm not sure that it was actually any quicker to use the "pre-seeded" folders, because of how long the hashing took. Oh well. I suspect this is something that will get better as BTS gets older. I do _really_ like the ability to sync a folder wherever it is, rather than it having to be in the ~/Dropbox/ folder. That's quite nice.
  19. I have two folders on two separate computers which are _nearly_ in sync, but not 100% (they were previously syncing via Dropbox). I moved them out of Dropbox on both computers, and set them up to sync (added the folder on one computer, then copied the Read/Write key to the other computer, and set them to sync. I _assumed_ this would be a fast process of checking to see that each folder is 99% of the other, and syncing the differences. Instead, it has been running for almost 24 hours, and transferred many, many, many gigabytes between the two computers. A. Should this have worked like I
  20. Am I correct in assuming that this is a typo and instead of "abc.ext" it should be "*.ext" to ignore all type .ext ?
  21. Is there a list of all the "reserved" characters somewhere?
  22. I have been testing OwnCloud and found that it will not sync files with a : or a | in the name. I cannot find any information about characters which BitTorrent Sync considers "illegal" but I thought I should check.