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  1. Yes, this is it! I'm sorry, that was my silly mistake. I was so sure that the secret was r/w, but it wasn't. Thanks for help.
  2. Hi, I'm using btsync 1.3.94 on Ubuntu 14.04. NTFS USB hard drive is mounted and btsync synhronizes some folders on that HDD. Recently I've added some new files and noticed that btsync just ingnores them. Debug shows that files are skipped: [20140505 17:35:08.588] SyncFilesController[file updated]: New file "/media/brand/My Passport/sunduk/foto/original/2013/20130709/ph/DSCN2075_20130714_124852.JPG" (R/O). Skipping I suspect that it can be NTFS partition issues, but the question is, what does (R/O) means? Read only? Files are not read only. Partition is mountes as rw and I can delete t