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  1. @all If anyone have results on the experimental build 1.4.10019, write please directly to me. @yottabit I've send you the link for FreeBSD.
  2. Hi @eltopo, Could you please collect and send me core dump? You can enable it with command ulimit -c unlimited and than run btsync in the same terminal. You can also do it by modifying the file /etc/security/limits.conf . It should contain something like this: * soft core unlimited
  3. @mbob, Could you please run Process Monitor, reproduce the issue and send me PM log?
  4. @timdj Enable please debug logging, then reproduce the problem and send me full log.
  5. @andrewb Briefly, it was caused by GCC update. For more detailed answer see this thread.
  6. Hi all, Some clarification about this issue. This was caused by gcc update. Since version 4.5 a completely new type of symbols was introduced - unique global symbol (GNU-UNIQUE). This means that older version of linker and gcc will not support such symbols. _ZNSs4_Rep20_S_empty_rep_storageE is one of those symbols, which means you can't run it on older systems. And glibc23 is working fine because it was build with older toolchain, without such symbols.
  7. @terafin High CPU load in your case is caused by hashes recalculation. This is known issue and will be fixed in upcoming 1.4 release.
  8. @suhrim Check please your mail.
  9. Hi Enrico, First of all can you provide debug logs from both peer (looks like on win7 peer debug logging was not enabled)? Second - logs, that you've attached have different time periods and accordingly to them win8 peer was steel indexing files. So could you please collect logs from both peers after they stopped indexing and syncing files?
  10. Hi, vocatus, can you reproduce this crash again and send me crash dump? (if crash was handled by Windows it can be found in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson).