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  1. Hi, I have a large amount of pictures in a folder myPictures. I have this folder on three computers and would like to keep it synchronized. Currently, the files are synchronized. When I create a share folder on whatever of these three computer and try to put it on sync with the others, BitTorrent actually starts to copy files to the other two computers. Since the number of files in very large, BitTorrent calculates it will need around 50 days to do the sync (taking almost all the bandwidth). However the folders are already synched and I was expecting BitTorrent will only check and not actual
  2. Thanks Helen. I already tried that with no success. Do you have any other idea? Maba
  3. Dear all, I have upgraded the BitTorrent to the last version, i.e. 1.3.94. Since then my two macs can not see each other anymore. The logs are here I already posted a special topic on that but got no answer. Could somebody tell me at least how to deinstall the BitTorrent completely from OSX. I have deleted the bundle, the preference and cash files, but when I reinstall the software, it still uses preferences from the previous version. So there must be some other files that I do not know and would need to be deleted in o
  4. Dear RomanZ, Thank you for your help. It could be that I upgraded from version 1.2 to version 1.3, I don't remember. I have put the logs here: Thanks again, maba
  5. Dear all, I have been using Bitttorent Sync for some time already and everything was OK until recently. Now, I think this started one I upgraded to new version, my two mac computers (iMac and MacPro) simply can not see each other anymore. Both computers are connected to the same LAN. Does anybody know what's the problem? Kind regards, Marko