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  1. Just an update, in case anyone else runs across this thread with a similar issue. Making the mobile devices read-only seems to have solved my problem of disappearing folders. I suspect that, as I said above, that when they are set up for Full Access they can wreak havoc on the share if they are unable to store the complete directory structure. It's only been a number of hours since I made the change, but I was having the problem pretty consistently before making this change. I would suggest that the developers look in to this and perhaps make recommendations that large shares not be se
  2. Too late LOL. I already did a move everything from .SyncArchive back in to the main tree on both machines to see how it reacted. I do have a separate backup of everything, so I'm not overly concerned with losing data - I just want to make sure this is going to work and to understand it thoroughly. I have identified another potential issue. While copying items from the .SyncArchive folder back in to the primary Sync folder, I get the following error on multiple files (Windows 8.1, 1Tb RAID 1 disk set, NTFS): Source Path Too Long The source file name(s) are larger than is supported by th
  3. I just thought of something - do you think this could have something to do with the mobile devices? I set them up as Full Access. Is it possible that if one of the mobile devices doesn't have the storage capacity to synchronize the entire directory structure that it looks as though certain files or directories should be deleted from the Sync folder for all devices? I've removed the Full Access sync keys and I've set them back up as Read Only. I'll import the files back on my desktop from the .SyncArchive folder and report back on whether or not this change seems to have had any effect on
  4. I've just started using BTSync, so I've downloaded the latest. My Windows 7 laptop, WIndows 8.1 desktop and MacBook Pro (OS X 10.9.2) they all report running version 1.3.94. On the iPhone 5S it's 1.3.35 and on the Samsung Galaxy S4 it's reporting On the topic of the folders that have been moved to .SyncArchive, are you suggesting that the best course of action for now would be to drag the contents out of the .SyncArchive folder back in to the actively synchronized folder on all machines if I want to minimize the amount of time things need to be re-synchronized? Note that, even
  5. I'm thrilled about the idea of BTSync, as I hate using cloud storage. I've set up a couple of shares, the largest of which is about 180 Gb. I have a desktop that is always on, a laptop and an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy S4 all attached to this sync folder. (My plan is to use a Rasperry Pi to sync to an additional always-on disk as well, once I get this going.) The file share began on the laptop. I added the desktop and synchronization took place perfectly. I then added the mobile devices and things worked fine too (they don't download the files, of course, but have access to them as nece