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  1. Mikki-10, you misunderstood me. I was referring to this:
  2. 301 views, no answer so far. I'm still interested in this, if anyone's got a light...
  3. As some may know, I'm developing a system (based on the Sync API) to distribute mp4 video files over computers inside a few schools. As BitTorrent's clients have a feature to allow playing video while still downloading (known as "streaming"), are there any plans to have this feature on Sync?
  4. Hi, I'm trying to develop an application based on BitTorrent Sync, written in C++. My main difficulty at this time is to manage the btsync process, I was wondering if there's someone here who knows c++ and who could possibly help me with that. In fact I've already asked on StackOverflow: As this question is intrinsically linked to Btsync, I though it would be a good idea to look for help here as well. So, if you think you can help, or know someone who can, please do! Thanks everyone Marc
  5. Be aware that Syncthing is now Pulse:
  6. I have developed a Windows Service by myself, which checks if btsync executable is running (in API mode), and starts it in case it isn't. I've done that in under an hour, and I'm a beginner C/C++ programmer. Just saying... Btw, I'm going to share the code soon, if anyone's interested
  7. This did sound a bit rude, but I'm following your advice.
  8. Man, I'd like to let you know about an issue with the new version of BTSync (v1.4). Have a look at this snippet: var btSyncClient = new BTSyncClient(SYNC_SERVER, SYNC_PORT, SYNC_USERNAME, SYNC_PASSWORD, syncName);Console.WriteLine("New API instance created");// applies transfer control, if defined by bool variableif (transferSpeedLimit){ var btSyncPrefs = new Arendee.BTSyncLib.Model.SyncPreferences(); btSyncPrefs.UploadLimit = uploadSpeedLimit; await btSyncClient.SetPreferences(btSyncPrefs);}This will throw an exception: -> Could not convert string to integer: *5. Path 'recv_buf_size', line 1, position 1389 <- I'll not look into this myself because I had to decide against using BTSync.
  9. That's a great suggestion, and should be easy to implement! Not only the api key, but also the webui address and authentication data, are regarded as sensitive in my opinion. Of course, this approach wouldn't prevent someone with really advanced knowledges from getting that info, but it should do fine for average PC users as the ones I'm targetting. _______________ I'd also like to bring to light the following request from the community (turns out it's mine as well), hoping it gets more eyes onto: Run BTSync as a Windows service (
  10. In my opinion, this demand could/should be taken with a much greater priority than it is at this time. I do not mean to be rude (and I'm aware I'm not paying a penny for using this great software), but judging by the fact the original post dates from over a year ago, and by the fact it would take me (a rather beginner software developer) to code this functionality in C++ and deploy it in under a week, I can't help but thinking this project lacks some better management. And that's my 2 cents, which I hope are taken as a constructive criticism. Edit: If it adds, I'm developing a software for a big company in my country using the API, and this company would be willing to license BTSync or even hire a team to develop something from scratch (at great expenses) if necessary.
  11. Thank you everyone for listing these! I am an open-souce lover and, although I'm not overall unhappy with BTSync (except by the fact that it does not implement a Windows Service, as required extensively in the forums for over a year), it is great to have alternatives.
  12. Hi everyone, Is it possible to set a different speed limit to LAN transfers than the one set in download_limit and upload_limit? I know there is rate_limit_local_peers (as described here, which defaults to 0), but it's not quite what I want. Thanks!
  13. Out of curiosity, what's the purpose of the API key? Or rather, how is it validated? If it's validation depends on connecting to a main server, my implementation won't work if I'm using in a LAN-only environment with no external internet access. Any clarification on this is welcome.
  14. I also think this deserves attention. For the Android API, see this: Also, I'd like to ask if we are allowed to rename the BTSync executable. Edit: Also, see this regarding redistribution of the API key.