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  1. Mikki-10, you misunderstood me. I was referring to this:
  2. 301 views, no answer so far. I'm still interested in this, if anyone's got a light...
  3. As some may know, I'm developing a system (based on the Sync API) to distribute mp4 video files over computers inside a few schools. As BitTorrent's clients have a feature to allow playing video while still downloading (known as "streaming"), are there any plans to have this feature on Sync?
  4. That's a great suggestion, and should be easy to implement! Not only the api key, but also the webui address and authentication data, are regarded as sensitive in my opinion. Of course, this approach wouldn't prevent someone with really advanced knowledges from getting that info, but it should do fine for average PC users as the ones I'm targetting. _______________ I'd also like to bring to light the following request from the community (turns out it's mine as well), hoping it gets more eyes onto: Run BTSync as a Windows service (