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  1. Dear Community, I have an issue on a fresh install of sync and perhaps you have an idea what the cause might be. I tried two scenarios. First, I installed btsync on a Ubuntu machine and the client under Windows 8. The two computers are on the same LAN on 1Gbps. Then I added a folder to share on the ubuntu machine and tried to sync it. The issue is that I cannot get more than about 6-8 MB/sec whereas if I directly copy the files using a samba share I get more than double of the speed. The disk priority in btsync was set to high, the niceness to -5, all encryption and speed limits were disabled on both ends, connectivity was direct, and all folders were fully indexed. Files were mainly 3-5 MB each. The Windows 8 machine was writing to an SSD so there was no bottleneck there either. Secondly, I also installed btsync on a server outside our LAN. Our practical connection speed to this server with FTP is 2 MBytes/sec (upload) and 10 MBytes/sec (download). However, with btsync I cannot get more than 1 MBytes/sec (upload) and 4-5 MBytes/sec (download). All this on the same server, same files, same settings, no speed limits. I checked the server load and bandwidth which was not fully utilized so there were no other processing consuming the available bandwidth, surely. CPU load on both the client and server showed no more than 10% so I think that was not an issue either. Increasing the send/receive buffers to 100 (MB) did not affect speeds in a visible way during the trials. Is there anything I can perhaps set up or do to increase the sync speeds? Thanks