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  1. Problem: A small business business wants to share documents between employees. btSync Solution: “The IT person” installs btSync on a company computer system, creates a folder in it and gives the Full Access secret to employees and instructions for setting up btSync. Problem with btSync solution: an employee is fired. Chaos ensues as new secrets are generated, distributed, changes made to local btsync folders are lost, etc. Proposed Solution: Client software generates public/private key pair and sends the public key to a “client controller.” Client Controller responds with Full Access Secret
  2. Inspired by, I threw together a proof-of-concept using DokuWiki and btsync. Pages can be read in any text editor, use secret BBRS7WMRIUO4C4PUPN6KYRFUZHVHDRFVY Most editing of what little content is on the site was done in gedit on my notebook... cheers, glenn
  3. "BitTorrent will never work!" said countless people. Yes, what you are saying make sense. The thrust of your "Bottom Line" seems to be btsync should have a "hide incomplete nodes" option. Good suggestion. I'm not privy to the actual "current design and update logic." So, I really can't say. But, you raise some important points. Let me propose a use case: I share a "Summer Adventures 2012" folder with a few hundred photos. I send the r/o secret and a link to btsync download to a dozen friends. They install btsync and setup a r/o folder. Each looks through the folder and deletes som
  4. I just had the same problem. I'm running btsync v1.3.94 on Ubuntu 14.04 amd64 on two machines:. laptop connected to file server via ethernet, each connected to net via WiFi. They were syncing fine, then just stopped. I tried killling and restarted btsync on each. No connected devices shown. Rebooted both machines, sync web page worked fine on the file server, but showed no connected devices. sync web page on laptop did not show version or any Folders. Clicking "Preferences" did nothing. Killed/restarted btsync serval times, same result. Log file shows: [20140510 02:22:56.348] Loading config