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  1. I am also having this problem, or more generally that Sync just stops before finishing the first sync. My setup: iMac at home, MBPro in office, RaspberryPi w/ ext HD at home. MBP in the office is always running, in order to correctly sync with the iMac; but I would like to change that, hence the RB. Sync on MBP is 1.4, the others are 2.0; in total about 35-40 GB to sync. What happened is that the RB started syncing and moved to about 28 GB but then stopped. It now very often shows that it is indexing, but it does not sync the remaining files, and it uses 100% CPU. If I create an empty file on the RB (using "echo>foo") then that gets synced through to the others, but if I create a file on the iMac then syncing does not happen, or only after a very long time. I read in some other post that filenames that contain special characters can be a problem, and I have many of those in Keynote presentations, as well in other Software-generated files, so I can not change that. Is this issue confirmed, and could it be a reason for my problems? In my case the files that don't get synced also have normal filenames, but maybe there are so many others that sync gets confused... I did a test regarding that and made a second sync folder that only contains my Keynote presentations. It is in total about 3.2 GB on my iMac, but only 2.2 get synced to the RBPi (in this case it does not sync to the MBP, so only Sync 2.0 devices are involved). When I checked progress during the first sync I noticed that sync basically works down the file/folder list alphabetically. I have several subfolders for the past 10 years, and they get synced starting with the lowest numbers. The syncing stops at 2014 (of course... ). Sync worked flawlessly between the two macs, but not with the RBPi - I am worried that this will scramble my files somehow, and that the Pi will make Sync delete files or something. Does anybody have an idea what is going on here?
  2. I am having similar issues. I have an iMac and a MBPro, both running Mavericks. I sync them some times directly, some times via a win7 PC (for firewall issues). It appears that when the two macs do not communicate directly (i.e., when one of them is switched off), then iWorks "files" some times get corrupted. In particular, I had a pages document where the file inside the package did not sync properly, and thus the file was unusable. What I have noticed since the last update is that while I am working on a document (on one of the macs) I keep getting messages that the file had been modified on the disk. This has not previously been the case, and I suspect that it has to do with some syncing issues as well (but I have no real evidence for this assumption). Could it be that BTSync is syncing to the PC, the PC can not handle the pages package and possibly destroys it, and then BT syncs the damaged package back to my mac. Meanwhile, pages tries to autosave and finds a modified document. Has anybody had and solved this problem? I am running the newest version of btsync (1.3.94) on all three machines and this issue has happened with pages 5.2 only (not the older version, where a document is stored as a file)