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  1. I am also having this problem, or more generally that Sync just stops before finishing the first sync. My setup: iMac at home, MBPro in office, RaspberryPi w/ ext HD at home. MBP in the office is always running, in order to correctly sync with the iMac; but I would like to change that, hence the RB. Sync on MBP is 1.4, the others are 2.0; in total about 35-40 GB to sync. What happened is that the RB started syncing and moved to about 28 GB but then stopped. It now very often shows that it is indexing, but it does not sync the remaining files, and it uses 100% CPU. If I create an empty file o
  2. I am having similar issues. I have an iMac and a MBPro, both running Mavericks. I sync them some times directly, some times via a win7 PC (for firewall issues). It appears that when the two macs do not communicate directly (i.e., when one of them is switched off), then iWorks "files" some times get corrupted. In particular, I had a pages document where the file inside the package did not sync properly, and thus the file was unusable. What I have noticed since the last update is that while I am working on a document (on one of the macs) I keep getting messages that the file had been m