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  1. When BTSync 2.0 limited folders to 10 I switched to SyncThing (prior I had been using BTSync 1.x). SyncThing has been doing OK for me. Indexing is slow on my underpowered NAS (Synology DS213, armv5te), but otherwise things work. Sync being commerical seems a little better supported and with Sync 2.2 dropping the folder limit I'm tempted to move back, only moving is such a PITA I wouldn't do so lightly. Has anyone switched from SyncThing to Sync? How'd that go? Is anyone running Sync 2.2 on a Synology DS213 or similarly under powered NAS? (planning on replacing it in about 6 months, but
  2. I'd love to try this but you completely lost me with: Um, I'm not setting this up without user based share control. SynoUser Admin: should see BTSync WebUI and all shares SynoUser John: should only see his shares (including those BTSync'd) SynoUser Jane: should only see her shares (including those BTSync'd) I can understand not letting John or Jane see the BTSync WebUI (although that'd be nice), however can you please confirm the admin setup a synced folders on behalf of John and Jane which the other can't access? I still don't generally like the idea that BTSync WebUI doesn't have
  3. FWIW, I went ahead and got this setup. Manually installed BTSync on my Synology DS213. Create a user, bysync, gave that user access to my homes/username and told it to sync /pictures inside that folder. Used the installer on my Mac and added /pictures to btsync from my external usb drive. Used the same shared secret. So far, it looks like it's working on the LAN. I have tried disconnects or remotely yet... later today.
  4. I'm totally new to BTSync and didn't find any info on this case in the forums. Feel free to tell me to go search again if I just missed it or point me to a starting point. I'd like to setup an USB external HDD (HFS+, occasionally connected to a MacBook) to sync it's entire contents or folders with a share on my NAS (EXT4, Synology DS213 DSM 5.0). I'd like that sync to happen whether I'm on my LAN where the NAS is or if I'm remote (Internet). Is that doable with BTSync? Any major road blocks? I see a ton of possible road blocks, I just don't know if BTSync work around those, namely: a so