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  1. Thanks for the update! I like the new UI.
  2. I also encounter the same issue several times. The solution is to turn off BT Sync while you are working on that computer. Note pausing sync will not avoid this issue. You must turn it off completely. If the issue happens, don't be panic. You can still find the original file from the ".sync\Archive" folder.
  3. It will great if you can: 1. add a button for reloading the folder (basically remove the folder then add it back again with the same key.) Sometimes, the folder just won't sync by itself if they are add by an old version of BT Sync. 2. show what files are locked. Thanks
  4. I think most people in the world are still using Win 7 (or later)...
  5. I think the UI of v1.3.x makes more sense. Also, it is much faster than v1.4.
  6. That explains why the new UI is lagging a lot and using lots of CPU time.
  7. The new UI appears to be slower than the previous one. Everything is lagging a little bit. I prefer the previous UI. Also, just by moving the cursor around the folder icons, the BitTorrent Sync uses about 11% of my Core i7 CPU time.
  8. I have both OneDrive and BitTorrent running on my Windows 7 laptop. It seems that BitTorrent can never be idle. It is constantly using about 2~3% of my cpu even though there is no change in any of my files. On the other hand, OneDive can be idle if you are not changing any files. So if you just let your computer be idle, the total CPU time of BitTorrent will still increase but the CPU time of OneDrive won't. Why BitTorrent need to use CPU constantly?