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  1. Hi, I'm already using Bittorrent sync on a NAS and PCs and smartphone. It's really surprising easy and cool to use; thanks for the development of such a great tool! Today I wanted to install the GUI on an older PC running Ubuntu Lucid (10.04). As usual I added the repository: >> add-apt-repository ppa:tuxpoldo/btsyncsh made an update: >> apt-get update and finally wanted to install (as I did on my Ubuntu Trusty (14.04) without issues): >> apt-get install btsync-gui but it's telling me: E: Paket btsync-gui konnte nicht gefunden werden (package cannot be found) After several tries I'm under the impression that btsync-gui needs pyython-gi which is not available under Lucid. Is there another way to set this cool tool up on an old installation? Thanks a lot in advance areichel