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  1. I am also having a lot of problems with .FinderInfo and .ResourceFork files and high CPU usage. I have added *.FinderInfo and *.ResourceFork to all my .SyncIgnore files, which seems to have solved unnecessary file transfers, but now my poor computers are pegged out with ignoring these files. On my Mac (10.6.8), running btsync v. 1.3.94 I see a lot of these lines in my log files when the CPU is pegged at 100%: [20140522 19:06:00.852] Merge: processing nodes message for /20140326/20140326_0077.dng [20140522 19:06:00.852] Merge: will request nodes for /20140326/20140326_0077.dng/com.apple.FinderInfo [20140522 19:17:49.609] SyncFilesController: Skipping load torrent for file "/Volumes/Photo2/RAW_2014/20140326/20140326_0092.dng/com.apple.FinderInfo" - file is in ignore list [20140522 19:23:07.200] Torrent /Volumes/Photo1/RAW_2012/20120825/edited/Floris_20120825_0704.tif/com.apple.ResourceFork status:137 error:<NULL> meta:1 conns:0 io:0 [20140522 19:23:07.200] Force unloading torrent /Volumes/Photo1/RAW_2012/20120825/edited/Floris_20120825_0704.tif/com.apple.ResourceFork And on my Ubuntu machine (12.04), also running btsync v. 1.3.94 I see a lot of these lines, and the CPU is also pegged out: [20140522 19:07:02.250] Blocked downloading file 20140326/20140326_0077.dng/com.apple.FinderInfo due Connection closed [20140522 19:17:58.997] Blocked downloading file 20140326/20140326_0092.dng/com.apple.FinderInfo due Connection closed Every few minutes btsync seems to take a break and the CPU usage goes down to 10-30%. It never really freezes, although the GUI on my Mac gets very slow with operations like changing tabs. I hope this helps, and if there is any more info I can provide let me know. I hope this gets solved soon!