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  1. If could ask.... Which way do you use inotifywait events?? I ask this because: If use "*/media/*" exclude, btsync is doing right, but this exclude string is not supported by inotifywait tool.... I must use "./*/media/*" to get done. Maybe it is problem related? Also....... what events are you waiting for? Thanks.
  2. Hello: First of all, I did increase this one to exceed number of files synced... cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches 1048576 But..... have a look at this debug lines: and this is just while: Yes... /home/WEBS/*/media is not being synchronized, and syncignore configuration is pretty good. I have looked for it at other peers and media is excluded... But if you have a look a debug logs at server, OnNotifyFileChange events for media appear........ this is for me a big problem, because /media should be forever excluded everywhere due to very very high number of files not to be synced never, and do not need / desire inotify events for files inside... it could be a intensive waste of CPU/RAM/kernel resources.... Also: There are not peers at all, server si running for hours, and CPU for btsync is now at this precise moment of 95% for minutes... have a look at debug log and see: This files are not new at all, are not modified and were there since server start.... not really updated... Why btsync does explode CPU with lines like this "file updated" while they are not really updated at all? Thanks so much for your support/efforts with community! Regards
  3. Hi David... I am not experienced and have own problems...... but check this: root@ip-10-0-1-10:/var/lib/btsync# cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches 1048576 The inotify max number should exceed by far the number of files synced.. I guess... I have had a problem due to this I think, and it was translated at very high CPU.
  4. Hello: I found same problem testing btsync... CPU constantly at 99%... I figured out it was the server daemon scanning my large /xxxx/media directories, with much hundred of files and folders... But I have a simply question... I did configure *media* at SyncExclude file... I saw the clients replicated this exclude and did not synchronized the /xxx/media directory... that is right.... If a subdirectory is excluded to be synchronized, is the server daemon proccessing its files or "watching out" possible changes inside?? This may explain that 100% CPU, because outside media folder there is no big number of files... If you exclude a subdirectory, daemon will ignore it and does not scan it for changes? Thanks so much!