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  1. If could ask.... Which way do you use inotifywait events?? I ask this because: If use "*/media/*" exclude, btsync is doing right, but this exclude string is not supported by inotifywait tool.... I must use "./*/media/*" to get done. Maybe it is problem related? Also....... what events are you waiting for? Thanks.
  2. Hello: First of all, I did increase this one to exceed number of files synced... cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches 1048576 But..... have a look at this debug lines: and this is just while: Yes... /home/WEBS/*/media is not being synchronized, and syncignore configuration is pretty good. I have looked for it at other peers and media is excluded... But if you have a look a debug logs at server, OnNotifyFileChange events for media appear........ this is for me a big problem, because /media should be forever excluded everywhere due to very very high number of files not to
  3. Hi David... I am not experienced and have own problems...... but check this: root@ip-10-0-1-10:/var/lib/btsync# cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches 1048576 The inotify max number should exceed by far the number of files synced.. I guess... I have had a problem due to this I think, and it was translated at very high CPU.
  4. Hello: I found same problem testing btsync... CPU constantly at 99%... I figured out it was the server daemon scanning my large /xxxx/media directories, with much hundred of files and folders... But I have a simply question... I did configure *media* at SyncExclude file... I saw the clients replicated this exclude and did not synchronized the /xxx/media directory... that is right.... If a subdirectory is excluded to be synchronized, is the server daemon proccessing its files or "watching out" possible changes inside?? This may explain that 100% CPU, because outside media folder there i