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  1. I was delighted to see that Resilio finally got an update ... and then worried when I read this: Is this true, can I no longer use Linux on a personal license? The changelog only mentions Windows Server, but the support article above looks like Linux is included as well ... i.e. every computer I own except my work computer. I use Resilio to sync my media library from my HTPC to my laptop and my backup system. All of these run Ubuntu on regular computers (i.e. non-Arm based). Sh
  2. The issue happened again last night. I've traced the problem to a failing drive controller on one system. When the controller drops out, a drive disconnects and causes files on the missing drive to be deleted from other connected peers. I've spent a few hours restoring the files tonight. With respect, I'm not willing to collect debugging logs for an issue that is causing file deletions. I've salvaged the regular logs from both machines and I'll submit them. I'm posting my support ticket here. This issue is serious, and needs to be publicly searchable until it is fixed.
  3. Did you ever resolve this? I lost 150,000 files in an untouched directory last night. It's the second time it's happened this month. I lost 45K files at the beginning of January. In both cases, I was able to restore from the Archive / other backups, but Resilio shouldn't silently delete entire directories with no notice, especially when those deletions can propagate. If I didn't get notifications about mass deletions, I'd be really pissed right now. I've loved this program since beta, but my confidence is really shaken here. I rely on Resilio to duplicate and back up my busi